Invictus 270FX

By Kevin Koenig | Posted October 2015

Our first look at the Invictus 270FX.   Who says the Americans have the center console market on lockdown? This boat makes a strong argument that the Europeans can compete...

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Hunt 32CC

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted October 2015

Our Boat Test of the Hunt 32CC.  The new Hunt 32CC is as at home at the yacht club as she is on the fishing grounds.

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Pretty Boat Quiz

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted October 2015

How Well Do You Know Your Pretty Boats?  Few descriptions defy definition as well as "pretty" but the strength of the adjective lies in its subjectivity. We've got 14 pretty...

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Azimut Atlantis 43

By Kevin Koenig | Posted September 2015

Our first look at the Azimut Atlantis 43.  This 43 has big-boat luxury in a relatively small package—and she’s got ambition written all over her.

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Wider 32

By Alan Harper | Posted September 2015

Our Boat Test of the Wider 32.  The Wider 32 is a high-end little vessel for serious boaters. And though she may look unorthodox at first, there’s a method to her madness.

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Grand Banks 55 Aleutian RP

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted September 2015

Our Boat Test of the Grand Banks 55 Aleutian RP.  With a straightforward propulsion package, a time-tested hullform, and an artisanally crafted interior, the Grand Banks 55...

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The Volvo Ocean Race

By Daniel Harding | Posted September 2015

The Volvo Ocean Race may be the toughest on-water race in the world. Naturally, its competitors know a whole heck of a lot about boating—and in particular, boating safety.

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How to Care for Your Compass

By Mike Smith | Posted September 2015

Is Your Compass Deviant?  Sometimes your compass needs repair, or loses its heading. Check it now.

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Austin Parker 64 Fly S

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted September 2015

Our Boat Test of the Austin Parker 64 Fly S.  The Austin Parker 64 Fly S may have roots extending back to the working lobster boats of Maine, but it’s hard to be sure...

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Oceanic 90 STS Expedition Yacht

By Alan Harper | Posted September 2015

Our boat test of the Oceanic 90 STS Expedition Yacht.  The Oceanic 90 STS Expedition Yacht may be built for the long haul and some big-time adventures, but that doesn't...

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Azimut 50

By Alan Harper | Posted August 2015

Our Boat Test of the Azimut 50.  A lot is expected from a 50-foot boat. And Azimut was up to the challenge with its 50, which we found to have comfort, speed, and lots of...

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The World’s Largest Yachts: 2015

By PMY Staff | Posted August 2015

You want it, you got it. We list the world's 100 largest yachts in order and also share interesting insight into the boats and their designers and owners that you won't...

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How to Make a Boat Greener and Energy Efficient

By Ben Ellison | Posted August 2015

Gizmo is one of the highest-tech boats of her class to be certain, but can she be more than that? Could we get her to be ecologically sound too? Find out here.

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