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Osprey 38

By Dennis Caprio | Posted April 2015

Our first look at the Osprey 38.  With pretty lines and sporty performance attributes, the Wajer 38 Osprey is a vessel any boater can love.

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Offshore 87 Motor Yacht

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted April 2015

Our Boat Test of the Offshore 87 Motor Yacht.  Check out our test of the Offshore 87 and you might just learn something new about this long-range cruiser—and what you...

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Boatbuilding in Vietnam

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted April 2015

Executive Editor Capt. Bill Pike travels to Vietnam to check in with prolific boatbuilder Dan Fritz and get the first look at his series of new Globetrotting trawlers.

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Absolute 60 Fly

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted April 2015

Our Boat Test of the Absolute 60 Fly.  With sporty top-end speeds and a surprising amount of interior space, the Absolute 60 Fly is a versatile and stylish cruiser. Read more...

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Invictus 280 GT

By Dennis Caprio | Posted April 2015

Our first look at the Invictus 280 GT.

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Pershing 70

By Alan Harper | Posted March 2015

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Pershing 70.  You already know that a Pershing 70 is going to be a showstopper. But what you might not realize is that this boat...

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A Brief History of Power & Motoryacht

By PMY Staff | Posted March 2015

Maybe you didn't realize it, but Power...

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Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

By Dennis Caprio | Posted March 2015

Our first look at the Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht.  The styling of Lagoon’s 630 Motor Yacht suggests seakeeping ability and long range. This is good, but even better, she doesn’t...

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Maritime Museums

By Peter A. Janssen | Posted March 2015

Any serious boater will get a kick out of all the insight and wisdom at these maritime museums, located throughout the United States. Read all about them here.

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Monte Carlo MC4

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted March 2015

Our Boat Test of the Monte Carlo MC4.  With a shippy profile, some eye-catching onboard details, and a sprawling flying bridge, the MC4 from Monte Carlo is a real showstopper...

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How to Avoid Obstacles with Your Boat

By Tim Bartlett | Posted March 2015

The best way to keep your hull from getting dinged—or worse—is to simply avoid obstructions. But that’s not always as easy as it sounds. To find out some ways...

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Outboard Engines on Big Boats

By Michael Peters | Posted March 2015

It seems like more and more these days, big, burly outboards are becoming the standard. Michael Peters can’t believe how far the outboard has come. Can you?

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Outer Reef 860

By Louisa Beckett | Posted March 2015

Our Boat Test of the Outer Reef 860.  You’ve always known Outer Reef for building seaworthy, long-range vessels that get you wherever you want to go safely. But maybe...

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