Simrad HH 36 VHF

By | Posted May 2013

If that handy handheld VHF doesn’t hold a charge like it should anymore, or doesn’t seem to perform like it once did, it may be time for an upgrade. And VHF has come a long way....

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Choose the Right VHF Antenna

By | Posted September 2012

Just as different hulls fare better in different conditions, so VHF antennas are designed to provide better performance. The question is: Which antenna is right for your boat? Get...

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Lowrance Link-5 VHF

By | Posted August 2012

The Lowrance Link-5 is a 25-watt DSC-enabled VHF radio. Built on a robust chassis, the Link-5 is housed in a rubber-molded case rated to IPX7—that means it can be immersed...

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Cell Phones vs. VHF Calling

By | Posted June 2012

A DSC-equipped VHF can share your identity and lat/lon with rescuers at the touch of a button should an emergency occur. Here’s why nobody uses the system.

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