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5 Reasons Outboards Are Here to Stay

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted November 2015

Outboard engines have gotten great: They're functional, durable, easy to maintain, and if you ask us, they can look pretty cool too. Read the five reasons we think outboards...

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Ventilating Your Boat's Engine Room

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted July 2015

Air is just as crucial to proper engine performance as fuel.

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The Simple Truth About Marine Engine Maintenance

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted May 2015

Maintaining boat engines isn’t rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Let us show you how to do it the right way.

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How to Recommission Your Boat in the Spring

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted March 2015

Our expert walks you through ten easy, but important, tips that will help you keep your boat running smoothly.

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Diesel Engine Myths

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted August 2014

When it comes to your boat’s engines don’t believe everything you hear.  Not everything you think you know about diesel engines is true. There are a handful of commonly held...

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How to Find the Best Cruising Speed for Your Boat

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted June 2014

Here’s something you might not know about your boat’s optimal cruise speed.   Finding your boat’s “sweet spot” when it comes to cruising speed isn’t...

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The Future of Marine Engines

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted February 2014

As technology advances and emissions regulations tighten, marine engines are bound to evolve, no matter how effective they currently are. We take a look at what kind of propulsion...

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What's New in Marine Propulsion Technology

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted October 2013

What’s new in the engine room, on the transom, and on the horizon. Today’s Marine engine manufacturers are using new technology to keep pushing powerplants in cleaner, lighter,...

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How to Make Your Boat's Engine Last Forever

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted August 2013

Can you keep your engine running forever? Capt. Richard Thiel thinks so. By diligently following an aggressive maintenance program, you can keep her purring smoothly, avoid...

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What Makes a Good Engine Room?

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted June 2013

The design of an engine room can tell you a lot about how a boat is built. Look for these qualities, and some pitfalls, in your boat and you may see her differently.

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Troubleshooting Your Boat's Engine

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted May 2013

How to troubleshoot engine problems on your boat.  We’re going to talk about the art, guidelines that define the way you approach a problem—any problem. It could...

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Troubleshooting Boat Performance

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted May 2013

A reader wants to know why his boat is slowing down. Boat performance is one of those things that a boater can usually troubleshoot himself. There are four main factors that...

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Marine Engine Horsepower Ratings

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted April 2013

Power & Propulsion: What Does Your Engine’s Horsepower Rating Mean? Understanding what horsepower is, what it gets you, and why less is sometimes more can help your...

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