AIS transponder

How AIS Works

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted February 2015

You know that AIS helps you avoid collisions, but you may be surprised at exactly how it works. Read this to find out more.

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Simrad NAIS-400

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted December 2012

The Simrad NAIS-400 is a black-box Class-B AIS transponder that connects with compatible multifunction displays to show the position and movement of all AIS-equipped vessels...

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Vesper XB-8000 AIS Transponder

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted November 2012

If you need AIS functionality without another screen on your helm, Vesper Marine has a solution. A black-box transponder also has a built-in 50-channel GPS, plus a design that...

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Vesper WatchMate Vision

By Peter Swanson | Posted June 2012

WatchMate Vision, revealed at the Miami International Boat Show—and winner of an Innovation Award at the show—is the first dedicated Class B AIS transponder with...

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