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Forward-Looking Sonar

By Peter Swanson | Posted December 2012

As Interphase Technologies joins Garmin, forward-looking sonar may get a boost.

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Look-Ahead Speed on Garmin GPSMAP 7212 displays

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted November 2012

How To Double Down on Radar

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Helm Electronics

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted October 2012

With helm arrays looking to serve both novice and technically savvy users, electronics packages are offering more than ever.

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Garmin 19x GPS Antenna

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted September 2012

Garmin’s new 19x has a 10-hertz update rate, and works with the Russian GLONASS, the Japanese Quasi-Zenith, and Europe’s Galileo sysemt for more accurate positioning.

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Garmin Thermal and Low-Light Cameras

By Peter Swanson | Posted July 2012

Garmin has introduced a line of thermal and low-light cameras. Simple control and cool target tracking mean it may be time for an upgrade that will help you use your boat more and...

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