The Fountain of Youth

By Michael Peters | Posted January 2016

There’s nothing like a really fast boat. And the thrills they can bestow may just be the ticket to being young again. See what we mean here.

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The Rebirth of Bertram

By Daniel Harding | Posted August 2015

The logo for Bertram Yachts has long been an eagle but perhaps these days the mythological phoenix would be more fitting.

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Bertram 64

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted April 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Bertram 64.  Bertram’s latest launch, the 64, is a fishing boat that will be able to compete with anything on the market...

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Bertram 60

By Kevin Koenig | Posted November 2013

New Boats Notebook - Dec 2013, update on the Bertram 60.

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Six Great Summer Cruises

By PMY Staff | Posted June 2013

A great summer cruise can change your outlook—if you do it right. A refreshing breeze, a quick dip off the transom, and the feel of a hull swinging at anchor can improve anyone’s...

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Bertram 54

By George Sass Jr. | Posted April 2013

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Bertram 54 Next time you want to take a run to the fishing grounds, see if you can do it in a Bertram 54. According to Editor-In-...

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First Impression: Bertram 54

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted March 2013

Power & Motoryacht's first impression of the Bertram 54

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