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Spirit, Love, Truth

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jeffe... | Posted February 2009

The store in the shopping center in West Palm Beach, Florida was exactly like Capt. Bart Miller had described it on the phone. A big black-and-gold sign over the door proclaimed:...

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Joy (Stick) Ride to Key West

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jeffe... | Posted October 2008

The whole thing started with a simple, straightforward question. I was standing under a chandelier at a cocktail reception at the Atlanta Boat Show, with a glass of Perrier in one...

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Birth of a Destination

By Kim Kavin | Posted September 2008

Laurence Provost kneels on the sofa, her fingers wrapped delicately yet deliberately over its back edge. The French charter broker peers intently out the Azimut 74's port-side...

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Bluewater's Big Cruise

By Catherine Pearson | Posted June 2008

It is often said that couples who play together, stay together. My parents, for example, have been happily married for nearly 40 years. And while it would be a gross overstatement...

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The Secret Sea

Have you ever been somewhere so unspoiled, so beautiful, so perfect you were afraid to tell anyone about it for fear they'd go there and ruin it? That's how I felt after a one-...

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Monster Marinas

Let's be honest. When people think megayachts, they think money—and for good reason. Not only are these vessels costly to own and operate, they have an enormous positive...

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Coaster Cruising

My nephew Liam has always been what you might call an old soul. He is as comfortable with my friends as he is with his own, speaks multiple languages, practices the piano without...

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How To Hop

By Kim Kavin | Posted April 2008

I saw about 300 charter yachts in 2007. Most of them I toured at boat shows at a pace of at least ten yachts a day. My stack of collected brochures from last year alone is more...

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Land of Smiles

By Kim Kavin | Posted March 2008

I cannot imagine how the crew felt behind the galley door.It was about 7:30 at night off the eastern coast of Phuket, Thailand, and I was sitting at the regal dining table onboard...

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Destinations To Die For: Southport, North Carolina

By Capt. Eileen Murphy | Posted November 2007

I found the town of Southport, North Carolina, somewhat by accident. It was May 2005, and I was taking the company boat, a Luhrs 41 Convertible, up to New York from Florida. It...

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Destinations To Die For: Greenport, New York

By Capt. Eileen Murphy | Posted November 2007

Preston's marine-supply store in Greenport's Harbor Wharf opened in 1880. I first became smitten with Greenport, New York, after my friend Caroline was married there a...

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Destinations To Die For: Penobscot Bay, Maine

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted November 2007

Stonington Harbor on Deer Isle is one of many fine overnight spots in Penobscot Bay. You can't even say "August on the coast of Maine" without getting a little...

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Destinations To Die For: Block Island, Rhode Island

By Catherine Pearson | Posted November 2007

Block Island offers up two quintessentially New England lighthouses. Truthfully I'm somewhat loathe to sing the praises of Block Island in September, and it's not because...

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