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Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica

By Kevin Koenig | Posted December 2011

Off Costa Rica’s Marina Pez Vela, an Indo-Pacific sailfish puts the “trip” in fishing trip. We visit Marina Pez Vela, a full-service marina with high-end condos...

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Teachable Moments

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted November 2011

Bad weather’s no match for the young at heart. It wasn’t ideal boating weather, with a steady ENE breeze and summer rain. But enthusiastic six-year-olds don’t...

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The Brett Taylor Bailey Mako Rodeo

By Kevin Koenig | Posted September 2011

Mountains to the Sea: Ten Years After 9/11, The BTB Mako Rodeo Keeps Alive The Memory Of One Victim. There are a lot of adjectives people commonly use to describe those who pass...

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Distant Shores

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted September 2011

“It’s only an island if you look at it from the water.” —Chief Martin Brody, JawsThere’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with water for as far as the eye can see....

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Electric Purple

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted June 2011

It’s what happens when mother nature gets an attitude. Lightning is not my friend. Sure, cloud-to-cloud bolts can be a spectacle to behold; they’re like a Fourth of July...

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Lobsterboat Races of the Maine Coast

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted May 2011

At first Travis Otis, a rough-and-ready lobsterman and boatbuilder from Searsport, Maine, seems like a reasonable sort of guy. Engage him in a stint of friendly conversation, and...

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Interview with Captain Ron Hamlin

By Catherine Pearson | Posted April 2011

You heard it from HamlinWe Chat Up This Conservation-Minded Angling Pioneer.In the world of big-game fishing, Capt. Ron Hamlin needs no introduction. Indeed, it would take pages...

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The South Jersey Shark Tournament

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted April 2011

Chasing SnaggletoothThe South Jersey Shark Tournament gives anglers an introduction to biggame competition and impressive paydays too.Photos Courtesy of South Jersey Shark...

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Conservation Corner

By Mike Leech | Posted April 2011

Bluefin BluesThe world’s biggest tuna is less than half the fish it used to be.I stood on the dock in Bimini, Bahamas, surrounded by the carcasses of a dozen or more giant bluefin...

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Old-School Tuna Fishing

By Scott Shane | Posted April 2011

Back In The DayPolar bear-size bluefin once prowled near-shore Northeast waters and launched decades of epic tournament fishing.Photo Courtesy of Manasquan River Marlin...

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Fishing with Technology

By Capt. Mark DeBlasio | Posted April 2011

Fishing with TechnologyBlending electronics know-how with natural angling instinct can give your team a leg up on tournament day.The old saying in fishing is “you can’t catch what...

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Mid-Atlantic Marlin Hotspot

By Scott Shane | Posted April 2011

Grander CountryThe waters off the mid-Atlantic are the new 1,000-pound marlin hotspot.Over the last three years, record-setting blue marlin of more than 1,000 pounds have been...

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Battling Black Marlin Off Costa Rica

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2011

Middle-Aged Man...

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