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Optimizing Your Electronics to Find Fish

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted April 2013

Do your electronics help you catch more fish? Or are you spending more time turning the knobs on your helm than the crank on your reel? Learn how to use your electronics to...

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Fishing for Golden Tilefish

By Gary Caputi | Posted April 2013

You don’t need electric reels to catch some of the tastiest deep-water dwellers.

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Dan Neenan Interview - A Superstorm Sandy Survival Story

By Chris Caswell | Posted April 2013

Dan Neenan lost his Boston Whaler to Hurricane Sandy, but that’s not stopping this Long Beach Island, New Jersey-based boater from getting back out on the water.

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Sportfishing Tip

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted April 2013

If you’re not fishing a tournament with bait and hook-type restrictions, then why not try to mix it up with a blue marlin?

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Fishing for Early Striped Bass

By Gary Caputi | Posted February 2013

Invite early striped bass to the raw bar to start your angling season off right.

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Catch a Sailfish from Your Boat

By Gary Caputi | Posted January 2013

Ever wonder if you could catch a sailfish from your boat? Check out this one-page angling gameplan and get into some billfish action—we’re pretty sure you’ll come home with a fish...

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Si-Tex SVS-750 Digital Echosounder

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted January 2013

The Si-Tex SVS-750 is a dual-frequency digital echosounder with 600-watt output.

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Spencer 57 IPS

By Kevin Koenig | Posted December 2012

Power & Motoryacht's first impression of the Spencer 57 IPS sportfishing yacht.

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Fishing for Redfish in the Texas Coastal Bend

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted July 2012

Bring your yacht to the Texas Coastal Bend and find great sport targeting redfish in the bays and passes.

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Massachusetts and NOAA Pay Anglers Not to Fish

By Brad Dunn | Posted May 2012

Massachusetts, in partnership with NOAA Fisheries, made an offer to pay 700 saltwater anglers $500 each to give up their fishing licenses for the year. The program is part of a...

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An Interview with Post Marine's John Patnovic

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2012

An Interview with John Patnovic, the man with the plan to resurrect Post Marine.

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One Way to Become a Successful Fishing Charter Captain

By Jon Duffie | Posted March 2012

How does a successful charter captain get his start? One skipper shares his story. A well-known charter captain reveals the secrets of his success.

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Proof that flying fish come in all shapes and sizes.

By Patrick Ford | Posted March 2012

Some Jumps Have No Joy. Just what is the target species here?

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