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Fish Stories

Chasing the Blues Away

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted January 2014

Opportunities come and go, but how you play the game is no fluke. Wonderful September weather and an epic canyon report pointed to an offshore trip where we vowed to get even with...

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An Interview with Post Marine's John Patnovic

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2012

An Interview with John Patnovic, the man with the plan to resurrect Post Marine.

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Proof that flying fish come in all shapes and sizes.

By Patrick Ford | Posted March 2012

Some Jumps Have No Joy. Just what is the target species here?

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Fishing for world-class black marlin in Austrailia

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted March 2012

An angler goes Down Under in search of a record grander. The technique for catching big black marlin is to troll large, bridle-rigged baits off outriggers at about seven knots,...

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Distant Shores

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted September 2011

“It’s only an island if you look at it from the water.” —Chief Martin Brody, JawsThere’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with water for as far as the eye can see....

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Electric Purple

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted June 2011

It’s what happens when mother nature gets an attitude. Lightning is not my friend. Sure, cloud-to-cloud bolts can be a spectacle to behold; they’re like a Fourth of July...

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Battling Black Marlin Off Costa Rica

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2011

Middle-Aged Man...

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A Passion for Tarpon

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted March 2011

Book Review: A Passion for TarponThe title of this wonderful book says it all.During the long phone conversation I had with Lefty Kreh, he mentioned a recently released book he’d...

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On Greatness and Agony

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted March 2011

On Greatness and AgonyIllustration by Scott PollackThe sea was glass-calm. A mid-summer’s sun shone bright over cobalt waters that featured hints of purple. Our Blinky IV fishing...

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A Tuna Story

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted December 2010

How many anglers does it take to catch one 70-pound yellowfin? On some days, it takes all of them.Illustration by Scott PollackIf you walk into any seaside pub, you’ll probably...

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The Kid Can Fish

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted March 2010

Richard DeMarte is an old salt—at only 15-years old.It's not unusual for professional anglers to be sponsored by gear manufacturers and boat companies. But typically those...

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Making It Her Way

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted January 2010

Cindy Garrison never let adversity keep her down.Garrison has fished from Alaska to Africa.If you want to succeed as a professional fisherman, all you need is the dream and a cow...

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Catch of the Day

By Brad Dunn | Posted August 2009

Florida fisherman hooked quite a haul in June: Instead of reeling in a red grouper, he snagged himself an air-to-air missile that had been fired by an F-15 fighter jet.Longtime...

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