Outboard Engines on Big Boats

By Michael Peters | Posted March 2015

It seems like more and more these days, big, burly outboards are becoming the standard. Michael Peters can’t believe how far the outboard has come. Can you?

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In Defense of Good Yacht Design

By Michael Peters | Posted February 2015

Did our columnist just refer to some boat designs as “butt-ugly junkyard dogs; the kind you wouldn’t want around your family?” Yes, yes he did. Read his argument...

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Michael Peters Shares his Yacht Broker Experience

By Michael Peters | Posted January 2015

Boat transactions can be very…complex. When Michael Peters went to buy a boat, he found out about the many facets of buying a boat. And discovered the services that brokers really...

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A Conversation with Some Legends of Boat-Racing

By Michael Peters | Posted January 2015

We sat down with some of the most famous boat racers of all time, and heard some good stories from the old days, and learned that lots of lessons about life on the water still...

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The Restorative Powers of Boating

By Michael Peters | Posted November 2014

Michael Peters discovers that sometimes when you’re rebuilding a boat, the boat isn’t necessarily the most important part of the process.

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Russia's Effect on the Megayacht Market

By Michael Peters | Posted October 2014

It’s no secret that Russian money fuels a large portion of the megayacht industry. But will that last forever? Yacht designer Michael Peters has his doubts. Read his...

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Advice for Budding Boat Designers

By Michael Peters | Posted August 2014

Designing boats can be a tough business. Nobody knows that better than yacht designer extraordinaire Michael Peters. Here he imparts knowledge to a new class of boat designers, so...

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Guns Onboard Boats

By Michael Peters | Posted July 2014

In his Sightlines column, Michael Peters asks an important and controversial question: Would having a gun onboard his boat actually make him safer, or just introduce new risks?...

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The Responsibilities of a Captain

By Michael Peters | Posted June 2014

In his latest Sightlines column Michael Peters takes a sobering look at the responsibilities of a captain, in good times and in bad. And he wonders a very important question; does...

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Where have all the beautiful boats gone?

By Michael Peters | Posted May 2014

Michael Peters, one of the world’s foremost yacht designers, has a few gripes with the path naval architecture has taken recently. In essence, he believes beauty has been...

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Kids and Boats

By Michael Peters | Posted April 2014

Sometimes your kids want to be just like Dad. But sometimes they don’t, as columnist Michael Peters found out over the years. Read about his attempts to hook his daughters...

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Sportfisherman Design

By Michael Peters | Posted March 2014

In his Sightlines column Michael Peters takes aim at the good-old American sportfisherman and tries to figure out why they’re designed the way they are. He’s got his...

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Staying Safe While Doing Boat Maintenance

By Michael Peters | Posted February 2014

Maintaining your boat can be dangerous, but not always in the ways you think. Our columnist found this out the hard way when he discovered he was deathly allergic to a chemical...

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