Man’s best friend goes boating

By | Posted April 2017

You love your dog. And you love your boat. Michael Peters, our Sightlines columnist, recommends you put them together, and when you read why, you'll have to agree. See what he has...

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Lusting after boats on the Internet

By | Posted March 2017

Our Sightlines columnist, boat designer Michael Peters, is not above the occasional perusal of the Internet. Will the result be delight or disappointment? He explains here.

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Learning the boat business from the legendary Don Aronow

By | Posted February 2017

When our Sightlines columnist, boat designer Mike Peters, was just getting started he had the opportunity to work with boat-racing hero Don Aronow. Though it didn’t seem so at the...

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Fishing in a Marine Protected Area

By | Posted January 2017

A Protest Song for These Times. When our Sightlines columnist Michael Peters runs afoul of the law, you can bet disobedience will follow. How civil it is, well … that’s another...

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The Lure of Boats that are Out of Your League

By | Posted October 2016

Designer Mike Peters looks at why it’s hard to resist dreaming about boats that are out of your league.

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The Physics of Boat Design

By | Posted September 2016

NDAs? CEOs? When it comes to designing a boat, some people still have much to learn.

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Singing the Praises of an Inflatable Fleet

By | Posted August 2016

Who knew that today’s inflatable boats and water toys were on the forefront of boatbuilding technology? Our columnist sings the praises of an inflatable fleet.

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Buying Real Estate for Your Boat

By | Posted July 2016

When you think about your next boat, you should probably think about the big picture before you get too crazy. Like, where are you going to tie up your new boat? Sightlines...

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What Your Boat Says About You

By | Posted June 2016

You are what you drive, and, in this case, you are what you dock. At least that’s what our Sightlines columnist, yacht designer Michael Peters, would have you believe. See...

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What’s in a Name?

By | Posted April 2016

Recent news of an online contest to name a British research ship made our Sightlines columnist Michael Peters think about the monikers he’s bestowed on his boats over the...

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Make Boating Great Again

By | Posted April 2016

Boating should take a back seat to no other sport or pastime. As true as that may be, we may not want our Sightlines columnist, Michael Peters, in the driver’s seat. See...

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What Happens to Forgotten Old Boats?

By | Posted March 2016

Our yacht designer like our Sightlines columnist Michael Peters takes a pause to look at what happens to old boats. This is an interesting perspective from someone who has made...

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Boatbuilding Technology Keeps Getting Better

By | Posted February 2016

Boatbuilders are taking precision to the next level.

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