Love Story

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted December 2009

Crewed or bareboat? The author samples both. Photo by Gary FeltonPhoto by Gary FeltonThis view of Marina Cay shows the house where Robb and Rodie White lived in the 1930’s, on...

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Grand, Ain't It?

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted October 2009

I grew up a few milesfrom a little miningtown in northernNew York State, andon Friday evenings,shortly after the paychecks came out,our family went to town to do ourgrocery...

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Best of the Best

By Mike Leech | Posted October 2009

How do you decide which ten individuals in the world of offshore fishing are the most influential? We asked 45 high-profile and knowledgeable anglers, captains, outdoor writers,...

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It’s Monaco Time!

By Catherine Pearson | Posted August 2009

Big yachts are nothing unusual at Monaco.Come September 23rd, the docks of Monaco’s Port Hercules will be awash with visitors—more than 30,000 of them—all of whom will have...

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PMY megayacht advertorial

By | Posted July 2009

www.burgerboat.com Burger Yacht Sales, 1515 SE 17th St, Suite 129, Ft Lauderdale, FL  33316 Contact: Julien Elfenbein, John Todd, Ron Tedeschi – Office 954-463-1400...

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Thank God For Spinach!

By | Posted July 2009

Some weeks ago I was testing boats in Merry Ol’ England, where the weather was wintry, at least by comparison with the steaminess of the Florida home from which I’d just departed...

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By | Posted June 2009

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A Hero Finds an Even Keel

By MiMi Yeh | Posted June 2009

NY WaterwayCapt. Brittany Catanzaro on the decks of the Gov. Thomas KeanWhen US Airways Flight 1549 crashed in the winter waters of the Hudson River on January, 15, 2009, NY...

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Ahoy: Dr. Freud

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted May 2009

If you’re a careful reader of PMY (and I’m sure you are), then you’ve probably perused a recent boat test of mine (“Cost Effective,” May 2009) that dwelled in part upon the...

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Life After Life

By Brad Dunn | Posted April 2009

One of the most unusual final resting places in the world is coming more alive every day. The Neptune Memorial Reef, about three miles off Key Biscayne, Florida, is not only...

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Traveling On Your Stomach

By MiMi Yeh | Posted April 2009

For Jason Taylor, a former chef on the 120-foot Orinokia, life is a constant blend of tastes and cuisines. This bilingual, New England native headed to St. Maarten to see the...

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Scuttlebutt: Off the Charts

By Brad Dunn | Posted March 2009

NOAA says it was “very surprised” by a recent study suggesting that many boaters are using severely out-of-date paper charts and are unaware of the availability of updates. “The...

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Immigration Doesn't Take American Express

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted January 2009

Making sure your crewmembers have the proper visa documents is essential in maintaining a well-run yacht. If one of them doesn't, you may have to quickly substitute a crewmember...

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