Power Management: Lessons from Boeing

By | Posted February 2013

Anyone who owns a boat may have been thinking about batteries and charging systems quite a bit since Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner nightmare. The fact that diagnosis of the...

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Maintaining Dripless Shaft Seals

By | Posted February 2013

The dripless seals on your boat require just a little simple maintenance once or twice a year, if you ignore those seals they can turn ugly. Capt. Vincent Daniello will show you...

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A Bad Fire on a Boat is a Deathrap

By | Posted February 2013

See how an insurance company is helping fire departments coordinate training for firefighters to save burning yachts.

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Boat's Transmission

By | Posted November 2012

The marine transmission: your boat’s unsung hero. Because this simple but durable device is so critical to getting you where you want to go safely and efficiently, you...

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The Latest Marine Generators

By | Posted August 2012

Having a reliable source of power aboard is key, especially when you consider all the high-tech gadgetry you carry on your boat. Generators have kept up with the times, running...

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How to Maintain Your Boat's Cooling-System

By | Posted June 2012

As horsepower has increased over the years, so too has the importance and complexity of your engine’s cooling system. Here are some tips on maintaining your boat's...

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How to take care of your boat's battery

By | Posted March 2012

Here’s how to make sure your batteries don’t go slip slidin’ away...

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By | Posted February 2012

Interceptors can sharpen up a boat’s performance and efficiency. For decades trim tabs have been the popular way to adjust a boat’s running angle. They work well on...

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Powering your boat's air conditioner with your inverter

By | Posted August 2011

The owner of a Bertram 700 wanted to relax while at anchor in cool, quiet comfort. The cool part was easily covered thanks to a Marine Air chiller system comprised of four modular

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How to keep marine growth from fouling your propellers

By | Posted April 2011

Here’s a common, if unwelcome, sight for boaters: You go to pull your boat out of the water for winter lay-up or perhaps

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Bilgewater Treatment

By | Posted April 2011

Many years ago, because a now-defunct marine towing outfit I was working for at the time found itself a little short of qualified personnel, I became an instant chief engineer for...

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Bilge Pump Early-Warning System

By | Posted March 2011

Just the other day, I received in the mail a device called a BW8 Bilge Pump Activity Monitor from British manufacturer Celectron. Manufacturers occasionally send me products in...

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Checking and changing your galvanic isolator

By | Posted December 2010

Now and again, I serendipitously stumble across an onboard problem well before it snowballs into something expensive. For example, I was recently talking with my industrial-...

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