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Refit and Upgrade

Spares Solution

By Mike Smith | Posted July 2007

SeaKits' MMS keeps track of parts to save you the trouble.Think about how many individual parts make up your yacht: The engines are full of them, as are the genset, stabilizers,...

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Painting Underwater Metal

By Mike Smith | Posted March 2007

Painting your boat’s bottom is a straightforward job: You, or your boatyard, apply new paint over old. But what about the running gear: struts, shafts, trim tabs, and propellers?...

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Splash Out on Spray Rails

By Mike Smith | Posted November 2006

Some boats are fine in almost all respects but harbor a gremlin or two that become annoying out of proportion to their real importance. PMY editor-in-chief Richard Thiel owns such...

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Permeable Plastic

By | Posted January 2005

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There is a Difference

By | Posted October 2004

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All in the Family

By | Posted July 2004

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All-Out Haul Out

By Tim Clark | Posted May 2003

All-Out Haul Out — Maintenance April 2001

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Fit or Refit?

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted January 2003

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Bad Day at Hillsboro

By | Posted January 2003

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