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Refit and Upgrade

Joystick System Add-On for Twin Diesels

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted August 2012

Give yourself a break without getting a new boat. The Xenta system can add joystick power to many twin diesel boats, providing close-quarters maneuvering on par with pod-powered...

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LED Light Installation

By Eric Colby | Posted July 2012

An experienced boater realizes the benefits of retrofitting his 27-year-old boat with LED lighting.

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A Guide To Proper Seawater Plumbing

By Vince Daniello | Posted June 2012

Plumbing for seawater circuits is critical. Centrifugal air-conditioning pumps must be below the waterline to prime, and seawater hoses must rise continuously uphill from the...

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How To Add an Air Conditioner to Your Boat

By Capt. Vincent D... | Posted June 2012

How to Install an Air Conditioner on Your Boat Boatbuilders want simpler installations, so today many air-conditioning systems now contain all electronics within a single remote-...

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How To Install An Ice Maker On Your Boat

By Capt. Vincent D... | Posted June 2012

How to add a big-boat fishbox ice to a small sportfisher or any boat.

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Thruster Installation

By Eric Colby | Posted June 2012

Thruster Installation: A new thruster system offers an alternative to a conventional installation. How to install a thruster on your yacht.

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How to Install a Cockpit Refrigerator

By Capt. Vincent D... | Posted June 2012

Installing a Cockpit Drawer Refrigerator is Surprisingly Simple. Here's a step-by-step...

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Recreating A Boat's Helm

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted April 2012

Tired of those old electronics? Why not give your boat a whole new helm? Here’s how one boater recreated his boat's helm. With mounting frustration, Pasquale Didonato...

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What You Need To Know About Propeller Options

By Eric Colby | Posted April 2012

The right set of propellers can smooth the ride and increase efficiency. Cruising in your boat is a pleasant experience. If you could make it more enjoyable while spending less...

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By Eric Colby | Posted February 2012

Interceptors can sharpen up a boat’s performance and efficiency. For decades trim tabs have been the popular way to adjust a boat’s running angle. They work well on...

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Air-Conditioning Systems - Part II

By Eric Colby | Posted October 2011

Last month we showed you how to determine your boat’s cooling needs as a first step in an air-conditioning installation or refit (see article here).Now that you know how...

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Preserving JFK's yacht "Honey Fitz"

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted October 2011

The owner of Honey Fitz made the right call—twice. First, after the former presidential yacht had paid many visits to various repair yards since the mid-1970s, he decided to...

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Upgrading the 102-foot motoryacht Banyan

By Alyssa Haak | Posted October 2011

Neptune Group YachtingBanyan’s new profile while underway Capt. Andrew GregoBanyan's original launch.Rock SteadyAn extensive refit, complete with two Seakeeper gyros, put

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