How To Buff Your Hull The Right Way

By | Posted March 2013

Polishing and cleaning your boat with a power buffer may be intimidating at first, but after you get used to it your hull (and your forearms) will thank you. 

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Making a Better Boat

By | Posted January 2013

It all starts with the hull. If you haven’t got that right, there’s no way to fix it. Here we provide a full course in how boats are built, to underscore the point that the...

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DIY Kit Boats

By | Posted December 2012

Unleash Your Inner Boatbuilder with a DIY Kit Every boater dreams of stepping to the helm of a boat he built himself. But you’ve got to walk before you run, so check out our...

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Ocean-Friendly Bottom Paint

By | Posted May 2012

High-tech paints now can protect both boat bottoms and the environment. Here's a few that do just that...  

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Eliminate Osmotic Blisters In Your Hull

By | Posted April 2012

Adore A Vacuum? Don’t Laugh. This One From Hotvac Is Designed To Eliminate Those Ugly Osmotic Blisters In Your Hull. Hull blistering is a fairly common sight in boatyards...

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Sea Hawk BiocopTF

By | Posted October 2011

A real-world test of this bottom paint produces some definitive results.Toward the middle of this past July, I had my Grand Banks 32 Sedan Betty Jane hauled at a local boatyard...

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Intersleek 900 Paint

By | Posted October 2011

These days it seems like nearly everyone is talking about going green. Some people are going all out, living in solar-powered homes and driving hybrid cars, while others require a...

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Top-Notch Enclosure Panels

By | Posted June 2011

Virtually everything can be improved—that’s the point Capt. Matt Condon was making just before the big brainstorm hit him. Condon’s the head guy at Signature...

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Hands-On Test Of Totally-Green Teak Deck Sealers

By | Posted May 2011

Over the years, I’ve squirted, rubbed, mopped, and sprayed my fair share of potions, pastes, and potations onto fiberglass and other boaty surfaces. And, given the amount of...

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Shaft Brush Boogie

By | Posted September 2010

A cheap and easy way to prevent costly prop damage.

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Toss the Sawzall!

By | Posted August 2009

So a guy walks into a boatyard and says, “Hey, I gotta have a bow thruster.” In a few days, an open-ended job begins, with the bill contingent upon the yard’s hourly rate,...

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Wax On, Wax Off

By | Posted May 2009

Remember “Wax on, wax off?” It was Mr. Miyagi’s discipline-building anthem in Karate Kid. For years, I figured it was merely a figment of some movie maker’s imagination—it couldn’...

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The Bottom Line

By | Posted April 2009

Although I’m loathe to acknowledge my naivet concerning such matters (especially since I’m 61 years old and have owned boats all my life), my approach to in-water bottom cleaning...

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