Sprague Theobald Interview

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted February 2013

Power & Motoryacht interveiws independent filmmaker Sprague Theobald as he was setting the release schedule for the film The Other Side of the Ice.

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Chris Tjotjos Interview

By Chris Caswell | Posted February 2013

Great Lakes cruiser Chris Tjotjos talks about family boating, impulse buys, and counting days till spring.

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Bruce Kessler Interview

By Kevin Koenig | Posted January 2013

Race cars, movie stars, and cruising around the world—Bruce Kessler has just about done it all. An interview with Bruce Kessler.

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Don Harris Interview

By Chris Caswell | Posted November 2012

Don and Ellen Harris may have gotten a late start in the boating game, but one taste and they were hooked.

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