How to Keep Your Chart Data Up To Date

By Tim Bartlett | Posted February 2011

Top of the ChartsThere are numerous ways to keep your chart data up to date.Finding your way through shifting banks or a channel such as this one demands the very latest...

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Navico’s whispering sonar

By Tim Bartlett | Posted December 2010

Why shout when you can whisper?How Navico’s new breed of whispering sonar promises clearer pictures at greater depths.Three years ago, Navico introduced something that it...

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What’s a Navico?

By Tim Bartlett | Posted July 2010

What’s a Navico?Deconstructing and defining an emerging marine electronics giant.When I was first introduced to Simrad’s new NSE displays last fall, I just had to ask a company...

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A Sense of Direction

By Tim Bartlett | Posted June 2010

The strange and tortuous search for a way to improve GPS reliability.Last December CrossRate Technology introduced its first (and so far only) product: a combined GPS and Loran...

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Garmin 6000 and 7000 MFDs

By Tim Bartlett | Posted April 2010

There are new models at the top of the Garmin series, as well, in the form of two new ranges of large-format multifunction displays known as the GPSMAP 6000 and GPSMAP 7000 series...

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Garmin 700 series

By Tim Bartlett | Posted April 2010

A recent addition to Garmin’s range is a series of touchscreen plotters whose size and price slot them neatly into the significant gap between five-inch GPSMap 600 series, whose...

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Sea-Me Dual Band

By Tim Bartlett | Posted January 2010

Sea-Me, the popular RTE (Radar Target Enhancer) or “active radar reflector” has been dramatically improved. The new Sea-Me Dual Band does exactly what its name...

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DeLorme Handheld Charting

By | Posted November 2009

DeLorme launched its first handheld unit less than two years ago, but has already followed up with two more.The most recent is the midrange Earthmate PN-30.Like last year's range-...

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Upgrade or Download?

By Tim Bartlett | Posted October 2009

It’s always nice to buy presents for the one you love—even if it is difficult, sometimes, to persuade your wife that the boat needs a new plotter more than she needs that designer...

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GPS Ailing and Failing?

By Tim Bartlett | Posted July 2009

Garmin Colorado 400C still better than a sextant even if the GPS is getting old ($599.99 MSRP; is growing concern that GPS performance may soon start to...

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The End of the GPS Monopoly?

By Tim Bartlett | Posted May 2009

Russian technicians fit a cluster of three Glonass satellites to a booster rocket.Sometime in the last few years of the 20th century, a new term was added to the everyday...

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Automatic Autopilot

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted May 2009

John Redmond of Redmond Marine Electronics in Destin, Florida, does some pre-assembly in Betty Jane’s saloon.Hand-steering my 1988 Grand Banks 32 Betty Jane for hundreds of miles...

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FLIR M-Series

By Ben Ellison | Posted February 2009

FLIR’s methodical two-year entry into the recreational marine world has been a thing to behold. Both its products, the popular entry-level Navigators and powerful Voyagers, and...

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