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Big Bay DIBM Displays

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted November 2012

Big Bay Technologies is rolling out its line DIBM marine displays and they’ve got a lot to offer, including a range of sizes up to 19 inches, the ability to accommodate variable...

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Maretron TSM1330

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted October 2012

Your boat is a star—especially to your eye. Why not give it a shot at the big screen? Connect the boat’s NMEA 2000 backbone to Maretron’s TSM1330 display and you...

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Wireless Boats

By Tim Bartlett | Posted June 2012

Your helm may create its own Wi-Fi network and share data with you wirelessly. Pay attention now, it’s really starting to get good.

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Distributed Electrical Systems

By Tim Bartlett | Posted April 2012

Maintaining A Balance Of Power From Your Helm. Distributed electrical systems add value to your breaker board and make it easier to use. The communications side of such a system...

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The best monitors for your boat in 2012

By Tim Bartlett | Posted February 2012

Monitor the boat’s systems your way. Keeping Tabs on your ship’s systems has never been so simple...

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A Breakdown of Protocol: how boats’ systems converse.

By Tim Bartlett | Posted February 2012

Know how the components of your helm—and the rest of the boat—communicate.

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Whole-Boat Electronics

By PMY Staff | Posted February 2012

Think about each component of your boat’s electronics to create a powerful system that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

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Rose Point Navigation

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted January 2012

Do those old analog gauges on your boat's dashboard seem just a bit jittery and unreliable? Problem solved...

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Simrad NSS 12

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted September 2011

Simrad lets you tinker with 99 percent of the unit’s functionality without touching knobs or buttons...

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Touchscreen Technology

By Tim Bartlett | Posted August 2011

Simple fingertip control and user-friendly operating systems combine to make powerful, intuitive electronics a reality.

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Tested: Pulse Tech's desulfator

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted April 2011

Rejuvenation SensationDoes Pulse Tech's desulfator work?We test it on an aging battery to find out.These close-ups of lead-acid battery plates were supplied by Pulse Tech. In...

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What goes on inside your LCD screen.

By Tim Bartlett | Posted January 2011

Screen Test     New displays look great in both sun and shade. Here’s why.   We all spend hours looking at LCDs at home and at work as well as on our boats...

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Electronic Sentinel

By | Posted November 2009

Ever get the offshore heebie-jeebieies? I used to, back when I was running oceangoing tugs. The malady typically started with an imaginary change in engine pitch while we were...

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