GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted April 2016

Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM from GOST Global is the latest generation of the company’s proven marine-security system, using evolving technologies to protect owners from theft or...

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How to Get Weather Data on Your Boat

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted February 2016

Get weather data the way you want it: Up to date and on the screen

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How to Plan a Transoceanic-Worthy Helm on a Budget

By Daniel Harding | Posted December 2015

A former educator used careful planning to find a helm setup within his budget for a Transatlantic cruise to the Baltics and beyond on his Kadey-Krogen 42.

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Upgrading Electronics to Suit Your Needs

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted September 2015

You can go big, but don’t forget to keep it simple.

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Side-Scanning Sonar in Action

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted March 2015

Sidescanning sonar is a tremendous tool to understand what's under your boat. Check out these videos that will help improve your comprehension of what the images are showing.

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Pre-Installed Helm Electronics

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted February 2014

To Pre-Install or not to Pre-Install.   Some boat companies pre-install all of their helm electronics before the sale, while others leave those choices up to the buyer. Ever...

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Touchscreens on Marine Electronics

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted January 2014

What You Should Know About Touchscreens on Marine Electronics Touchscreens are showing up on marine electronics more and more, but you may be surprised about why. Power &...

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Garmin GMI 20

By Ben Ellison | Posted August 2013

Say hello to the Garmin GMI 20, a NMEA 2000-ready instrument that notably gave me a long list of possible fuel tank labels like Port, Center, and Aft...

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Raymarine gS Series Glass-Bridge Helm System

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted May 2013

Raymarine’s Lighthouse user interface is spreading to every level of its product line and the new gS Series is no exception. Check out how this glass-bridge helm system...

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Aquabotix HydroView

By Ben Ellison | Posted March 2013

PMY Tested: The remote-controlled underwater camera vehicle you control with your iPad.

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Maretron DSM150

By Ben Ellison | Posted March 2013

Over the years Maretron has developed an amazing array of NMEA 2000 sensors and other utility hardware, many of which aren’t available elsewhere and all of which can be displayed...

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Digital Yacht Aqua 50 Marine PC

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted February 2013

Linux Comes aboard with Digital Yacht Worried about putting a personal computer on your boat? Use one that’s made to be there: Digital Yacht’s Aqua 50 marine PC works...

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Raymarine LightHouse v5 Software

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted January 2013

Raymarine updated its LightHouse software, which directs the user experience for the company’s a-, c-, and e-Series multifunction displays.

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