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By Tim Bartlett | Posted August 2011

A commercial-grade bottom profiler for the serious sportfisherman or diver. The WASSP rolls seven fishing tools into one...

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Garmin Echo Series Fishfinders

By PMY Staff | Posted April 2011

The echo range of fishfinders includes the echo 550c.   Garmin Fishfinders Echo Series Garmin has introduced a complete new range of modestly priced fishfinders called...

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Side-Scanning Sonar

By Tim Bartlett | Posted January 2011

The Latest, But Is It The Greatest?Side-scan sonar can find structure, but can it find fish?Teamwork in action: Using side-scan, down-scan, and regular sonar to help pinpoint a...

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Lowrance Elite

By Tim Bartlett | Posted June 2010

“Elite,” according to my dictionary, means “the most powerful, rich, gifted or educated members of a community,” which makes it rather an odd choice of name for a range of five-...

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Follow the Birds

By Tim Bartlett | Posted March 2010

What's the secret to piscatorial success? Simple. Just follow the birds!Terns and pelicans don't go fishing for fun. They do it because of their need to survive. And because they...

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When To Go Manual

By Tim Bartlett | Posted January 2010

Most of the time fishfinders work great on auto mode. But not always.Fishfinders don’t just find fish; they also find the places fish are likely to be, like reefs, wrecks, and...

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Looking Ahead

By Tim Bartlett | Posted November 2009

The Interphase IScan V90 is vertical-scanning look-ahead sonar, made in the USA. ($2,388) and wherever we go offshore, it's a fair bet that the...

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Apollo II HD and Standard Horizon’s Plotter/Fishfinders

By Tim Bartlett | Posted August 2009

Apollo II HDOceanView Technologies has added a new dual-sensor camera to its line-up of night-vision systems.As the name suggests, the Apollo II HD is a high-definition version of...

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Raymarine A-Series

By | Posted October 2008

Raymarine has radically redesigned its A-Series of small plotters and plotter/fishfinders, adding AIS tracking, internal “high-sensitivity” GPS receivers, Sirius Satellite Weather...

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Raymarine DSM 400

By Ben Ellison | Posted August 2008

Raymarine DSM 400Raymarine's powerhouse DSM 400 black-box fishfinder weighs 27 pounds, contains four independent digital sonar transceivers, and can pump up to 3 kW of ping power...

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How's Your "Q"?

By Ben Ellison | Posted August 2008

Airmar product manager Mark Reedenaur is showing off the company's floating test lab."Come on, Mark, can't you just tell me which is the best fishfinder?!?" I couldn't help making...

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Lowrance Broadband Sounder

By Ben Ellison | Posted August 2008

Lowrance Broadband Sounderowrance has not lost its innovative scrappiness under Navico ownership. In fact it was the latter's CEO, Jens-Thomas Pietralla, who dubbed the new...

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Raymarine E Series V4

By Ben Ellison | Posted June 2008

Raymarine E Series V4 Multifunction Navigation Display SoftwareIt was pure luck that my April column on maintenance ("Servicing the Circuitry") illustrated how easy it is to...

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