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Wireless On The Water?

By Tim Bartlett | Posted August 2010

Wireless On The Water?We have wireless networks in our homes and offices. Why not on our boats, too?I can’t remember the last time I used a phone that had a wire attaching its...

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Controlling Power

By Tim Bartlett | Posted May 2010

Twenty-first-century technology has changed the way your electronics communicate.It’s more than ten years now, since we learned to spell “millennium,” stocked up on canned food,...

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Ultrascan PC90

By Tim Bartlett | Posted March 2010

One of the drawbacks of forward-looking sonar has always been that sound travels much more slowly through water than radar waves travel through air. At a sluggish 5,000 feet per...

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KVH Tracphone FB150

By | Posted November 2009

KVH has joined the growing list of suppliers that are offering phone and Internet services through Inmarsat's new Fleet Broadband 150. With a dome that is just 13.5" in diameter...

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Iridium Openport

By Tim Bartlett | Posted July 2009

After conducting extensive beta-testing that included sending five terminals around the world in boats competing in the Vendee Globe single-handed sailboat race, Iridium has...

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By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted June 2009

The latest addition to Icom’s lineup of handheld VHFs is the IC-M36, a waterproof, floating radio with a couple of extra features specifically intended to minimize the effect of...

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Garmin VHFs

By Tim Bartlett | Posted May 2009

Long known for its navigational electronics, Garmin is now about to enter the VHF market with two fixed-mount radios. Pre-release information describes the VHF100 as an entry-...

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Radio Days

By Bruce Pelkey | Posted April 2009

Everyone understands the importance of a VHF radio. A fixed-mount unit provides a key communications link to other boaters, the Coast Guard, and local police. If you travel...

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AIS Transceiver

By | Posted March 2009

Q: I’m installing a new AIS transceiver, and it has a built-in antenna splitter. How can I attach my AIS receiver, VHF radio, and FM stereo to the antenna?A: Built-in antenna...

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Broadband Radar

By Ben Ellison | Posted February 2009

It’s long past time that the magnetron was consigned to the dust bin of maritime history,” enthused Larry Brandt, a commenter on my electronics blog who is both a professional...

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Here Comes Class B, Part 2!

By Ben Ellison | Posted December 2008

Photo by Ben EllisonNow Class B-equipped Gizmo shows up on ship AIS displays and Web viewers like this. I've never been more pleased to write this column. If you read the original...

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Icom MXA-5000

By Ben Ellison | Posted December 2008

Photo courtesy of Icom AmericaIs Icom a Johnny come lately for introducing the MXA-5000 AIS receiver just as Class B transceivers finally hit the market? I don't think so. Not...

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Digital Yacht SPL250

By Ben Ellison | Posted December 2008

Photo by Ben EllisonDigital Yacht is a substantial U.K.-based marine electronics manufacturer/distributor that is expanding to the United States in a timely manner, given its...

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