Outer Reef 63

By George L. Petrie | Posted April 2008

Adapting to a marketplace that is becoming ever more sensitive to fuel economy, efficiency, and carbon footprint, Outer Reef Yachts is now offering smaller engine options...

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The Big Sleeper

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted April 2008

Hatteras 72 MYHatteras Yachts placed ease of operation near the top of its list of design criteria for its 72 Motor Yacht, attempting to make life simpler for both owners and crew...

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Hatteras 56 Motor Yacht

By George L. Petrie | Posted March 2008

The fact that the Hatteras 56 is touted by the builder as an "entry-level product...priced at under $2 million" seems rather startling. But that shouldn't suggest she's wanting...

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Shannon Tender 32

By George L. Petrie | Posted March 2008

Recognizing that many megayacht owners may wish to have a tender as distinctive as their motoryacht, Shannon Yachts has introduced the Shannon Tender 32. Considering her classical...

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Our Big Build

By Adam LaRosa | Posted March 2008

Rebel, a sistership to Canyon Runner. After the crew sea trialed her in eight-footers, running her at 30 knots, it was convinced this hull would be the right offshore platform.For...

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XF = Xtra Fish?

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted March 2008

Albemarle 290 XFWhen your testing ground is off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina—the infamously stormy sand spit that has earned the nickname "The Graveyard of the Atlantic"...

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Ocean 58 Super Sport Video

By | Posted February 2008

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Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost's Noah

By George L. Petrie | Posted January 2008

The problem with catamarans is that they all look like, uh, catamarans. But French design firm Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost puts a twist on the concept, creating a stylish...

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Wayachts 46

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted January 2008

Wayachts 46From the sky, she looks like a giant horseshoe. But with a purported top speed of 36 knots, Wayachts' Italian-built Wave 46 Quarantasei can gallop right along.Beginning...

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Lightweight Heavyweight

By Diane M. Byrne | Posted January 2008

When most people think of Dutch yachtbuilding, they certainly think of high quality, but they also likely recall the names of some of the largest privately owned vessels in the...

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Share and Share Alike

By Capt. Ted Sputh | Posted January 2008

A ship is said to be in proper trim when she floats in the water "on an even keel"—that is, neither down by the bow nor by the stern. A person is said to be "on an even keel...

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Kindred Spirits

By Diane M. Byrne | Posted December 2007

At most yards the first step in building a yacht involves rolling out fiberglass mat or cutting huge sheets of metal. At Lazzara Yachts, however, it all starts with pasta.From...

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