Creature-Catching Comforts

Viking 50 Convertible

There are few things that say comfort like a Sunbrella-covered cockpit mezzanine. But that's far from the only fine amenity aboard Viking's new 50 Convertible.

Her saloon has two leather-clad, C-shape settees, and both provide good views of the retractable

A Boat Is Born, Part III

It's been about nine months since the design process for the 64-foot Makaira was started. While both the designers at Applied Concepts Unleashed and the builder's team have enjoyed the exchange of ideas that both parties feel will result in the next-generation sportfisherman, it's now time for the plan to become a real boat.


No matter how high-tech a megayacht's systems are, and no matter how cleanly laid out the wheelhouse's displays are, what people tend to remember the most when they step off a megayacht is the interior decor.

The CNC router not only makes clean, precise cuts, it also determines the most efficient way to lay out components, on a board,

Turkey's Time

Sandwiched between Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia sits the Republic of Turkey, a country which has endured centuries of political and economic turmoil. And yet this Texas-size constitutional republic is currently in the throes of a financial renaissance (albeit one strained by a high national deficit and significant foreign debts). Between 2005 and 2007 Turkey's GDP increased by some

Sunrise 45-Meter

When passing hors d'oeuvres at a cocktail party, it's not unusual for someone to say "go on, take two." But it's a different story when the subject is a 147-foot motoryacht. That was the essence of a conversation between yacht builder Guillaume Roch and businessman Herbert Baum that led to the formation of Sunrise Yachts. Baum had asked Roch the best way to build the yacht they had been

Extend the Ends

Altima 61 Pilothouse

The Altima 61 Pilothouse is a scaled-up version of the builder's 56 Pilothouse. But the addition of 5'1" did not necessitate a significant increase in either clearance or freeboard—the freeboard of 7'7" forward and 5'5" aft remains the same, while the clearance to the top of the radar arch increased three

Megayacht Builder Directory 2008

Given how the megayacht business is still strong despite weakness in some of the world's economies, it's no wonder that there's an increasing number of shipyards vying for contracts. Some of the players are long-established, while others are taking their first steps into yacht construction.

That's one of the reasons why every August we publish the Megayacht Builder Directory, a compendium

Northern Marine 64 RPH

Long established as a builder of motoryachts and expedition vessels, Northern Marine has introduced its latest long-range cruiser, a 64-foot raised-pilothouse trawler. Her systems are designed to be serviceable in remote areas, while her bottom is a resin-infused, solid-fiberglass laminate, reinforced with Kevlar around the bulbous bow. Protecting the keel is a 12-inch-wide steel shoe extending

John Williams Stanley 42

Say what you will about contemporary styling and fads, but judging by what's often seen at boat shows and marinas, they appeal to lots of folks. So it's gratifying to see an offering like the Stanley 42, a boat that exudes the timeless, tug-at-your-heartstrings beauty and grace that define the Down East style. And it's no surprise that she's built by John Williams Boat Company, an iconic Maine

A Boat Is Born, Part II

In part one of our exclusive five-part series ("A Boat Is Born"), the Makaira team took the first conceptual steps in creating its brand-new sportfisherman. This included selecting the Waveform variable-deadrise hull shape, a design the team hopes will help the vessel achieve speeds in excess of those of her peers in the

The Return of the Motorsailer?

For a long time there has been a stigma attached to motorsailers: They're neither good motoryachts nor good sailboats. But in a world where "going green" has become a chief concern and "the rising price of fuel" has become a clich, many manufacturers of both boats and engines are looking toward hybrid machines. And although most motoryacht builders are still staying clear of sail power in favor

Cruising Decorum

Global Arrow 68 Express

The Global Arrow 68 Express is the newest offering from Taiwan-based Global Yacht. The low-sheer, rakish design, courtesy of C. Raymond Hunt Associates, also comes in a flying-bridge version called the Global Arrow 68 FB. Aside from the added space, weight, and vertical clearance the flying bridge brings and

More Mariner

If you were to compare Hull No. 1 of the Pacific Mariner 85, which we tested in our February 2005 issue ("Dream Machine"), and Hull No. 12, which I tested earlier this year, you'd have to look pretty closely to find any differences. And, truth be told, there really have been no

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