Burger 43-Meter

One of the most important parameters in yacht design is the intended maximum speed. If the hull is meant to be capable of exceeding its theoretical hull speed, then it generally has a hard chine, to make the water separate from the hull at speed, and flatter sections near the stern to keep the vessel from squatting in her own wake. But if design speed is less than or equal to hull speed, then she

Jongert 3900

During the 17th century, the Netherlands produced some of the most gifted painters. Now, a collaboration among yachtbuilder Jongert, Azure Naval Architects, and stylist Guido de Groot may be part of the next wave of Dutch Masters. At the least, the striking profile of the Jongert 3900 is certain to turn heads wherever she goes.

The Betty Jane and the Tin Mullet

One of my boating buddies made a remark the other day that had a strange but true ring to it. "Bill," he said, "it seems like there's some kind of theme runnin' through your life these days—you got a boat that's an awful lot like your car." We'd been riding around for much of the morning in my silver Toyota Prius, affectionately known as the Tin Mullet, and now we were riding around

The Hybrid Future

Mochi Craft Long Range 23

I was attending a press conference in Ancona, Italy, earlier this year when I first heard the news. Norberto Ferretti, co-founder of Ferretti Yachts and president of the Ferretti Group, announced that the Group had just launched a hybrid-powered

Fuelish Pleasure

This is the editorial I've been avoiding: the one about the cost of fuel and what, if anything, we can do about it. As a boat owner like you, who's been shocked so often at the fuel dock I'm beginning to feel like a cow at a slaughterhouse, I know the subject demands attention. But what to say?

PMY is not going to do "10 Secret Ways to Save Fuel

The Next Step

Volvo Penta's days as just an engine company have evolved into something bigger.

I'm a lucky guy. Ever since Volvo Penta introduced IPS to the world of recreational watercraft some four years ago, I've had the opportunity to test drive a bunch of pod-equipped boats, not only those equipped with Volvo Penta systems but also those

Bertram 540 Convertible

It's always dicey messing with a classic, especially one as widely revered as the Bertram 54. But Bertram's parent company, the Ferretti Group, is out to establish its own legend, by innovating and defying the norms. And so the classic 54 is being reborn as the Bertram 540. Make no mistake: This is no mere facelift, with a nip and tuck to update styling. The 540 is the result of a fundamental

Regulator 34SS Center Console

Mostly it's multimillion-dollar yachts that dominate this space, so the new Regulator 34SS is a decided change of pace. Indeed, what's interesting about this boat is that she appeals to both serious sportsmen who already own a battlewagon yet want a more efficient angling platform and those looking for a mid-30-foot sportfisherman as their primary (or possibly only) boat.

Creature-Catching Comforts

Viking 50 Convertible

There are few things that say comfort like a Sunbrella-covered cockpit mezzanine. But that's far from the only fine amenity aboard Viking's new 50 Convertible.

Her saloon has two leather-clad, C-shape settees, and both provide good views of the retractable

A Boat Is Born, Part III

It's been about nine months since the design process for the 64-foot Makaira was started. While both the designers at Applied Concepts Unleashed and the builder's team have enjoyed the exchange of ideas that both parties feel will result in the next-generation sportfisherman, it's now time for the plan to become a real boat.


No matter how high-tech a megayacht's systems are, and no matter how cleanly laid out the wheelhouse's displays are, what people tend to remember the most when they step off a megayacht is the interior decor.

The CNC router not only makes clean, precise cuts, it also determines the most efficient way to lay out components, on a board,

Turkey's Time

Sandwiched between Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia sits the Republic of Turkey, a country which has endured centuries of political and economic turmoil. And yet this Texas-size constitutional republic is currently in the throes of a financial renaissance (albeit one strained by a high national deficit and significant foreign debts). Between 2005 and 2007 Turkey's GDP increased by some

Sunrise 45-Meter

When passing hors d'oeuvres at a cocktail party, it's not unusual for someone to say "go on, take two." But it's a different story when the subject is a 147-foot motoryacht. That was the essence of a conversation between yacht builder Guillaume Roch and businessman Herbert Baum that led to the formation of Sunrise Yachts. Baum had asked Roch the best way to build the yacht they had been

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