Star-studded Boats

A beautifully maintained 1950 Chris-Craft Sportsman would turn the head of any classic-boat enthusiast. But what would make such a vessel even more desirable? How about if that classic boat had starred in a classic movie with a couple of Hollywood icons?

In January, an unidentified buyer won

Horizon Bandido 148

When you’re packing a six-figure Leisure Craft Classic 700 runabout in your yacht’s tender garage, you know you’ve got something special. That’s exactly what Juan Carlos “J.C.” Espinosa intended when he added this feature and a mix of other high-class elements to his design of the Horizon Bandido 148.

According to Espinosa, Drettmann, the exclusive

Rebirth of a Classic

Some say don’t mess with a classic, but the folks at Bertram beg to differ. The Miami-based builder of the new 540 convertible has reinvented the classic 54 it launched in 1981. To a hull that maintains the seaworthiness and fishability of her predecessor, the 540 adds a healthy dose of luxury and a number

A Boat is Born, Part IV

Makaira’s hull is being constructed via infusion. Resin, under a vacuum, is drawn through feed lines. This process results in a lightweight, yet sturdy hull. Note the red resin being drawn up the transom.

This is the fourth installment of an exclusive six-part series in which PMY has been bringing you a first-hand account of

The Richmond Way

Richmond Yachts' Richmond Lady

A lot of megayachts have a lot to offer in the way of flourishes. A glass elevator on this one, towering gold columns on the next. And while sumptuous trimmings can certainly go a long way toward making a yacht feel lavish, Richmond Yachts' Richmond Lady proves that it's possible for

Seaside Retreat

Fiftieth anniversaries are among the most highly celebrated occasions, and no wonder. In marriage, spending 50 years with one person says a lot about commitment, loyalty, and love. It should come as no surprise then that gold is the gift given to commemorate this anniversary; it's intimately

The Hidden Tradition

Although the builder True North has only been around since 1999, its parent company, Pearson Composites, has a heritage that stretches back 48 years. (Sailing enthusiasts will recognize it as the manufacturer of J-series boats, one of the standard classes in competitive racing.) But True North's relatively recent arrival on the scene doesn't prevent it from harkening from the same traditions. Her

The New Way To Own

There are few who would argue that the megayacht industry isn't rife with innovation, particularly when it comes to construction and design. There are, after all, vessels on the water today sporting amenities and control systems that until recently were the stuff of science fiction. And yet there's one area of the industry that has suffered from a conspicuous lack of originality: ownership. To

More-Hogany Please?

At last year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Vicem, the Turkish builder of cold-molded mahogany boats, presented its new 52-foot Classic Express. (The cold-molding process purportedly produces parts that are stronger and lighter than conventional fiberglass ones and involves laminating layers of

The Way Forward: Steyr Motors

A Steyr Motors Hybrid—its footprint is only 3.53" longer than a conventional engine's.

The idea behind the Steyr Motors Hybrid is as elegant as it is simple: tap a diesel's rotational energy by splicing a10-hp/5-kW electric motor/generator between the crankshaft

The Quiet Alternative

Glacier Bay's electric motor, the keystone of its full propulsion system, is on the cutting edge of diesel-electric pleasure boating.

There's a dilemma that prevents diesel-electric propulsion from being widely adopted in boats and yachts, and it involves one of the

The Green Scene

Sparkman & Stephens' Bruce Johnson tells an illustrative story. Recently, a prospective customer stopped by to chat about building a new boat. According to Johnson, the guy wasn't in the least dissatisfied with the relatively new megayacht he currently owns—he loves her and uses her a lot. And he wasn't looking to downsize to a smaller, less-expensive vessel either—the guy's one of the honchos of

Viking Sport Cruisers V78

The partnership of New Jersey-based Viking Yachts with England's Princess Yachts has produced yet another express cruiser on the drafting board. The project, which is meant to fill the gap between the Viking Sport Cruisers V65 and V85, includes the largest fully resin-infused hull the company has built to date. This Bernard Olesinski-designed vessel should align with Viking's long-held reputation