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More Than Just a Pretty Face

Part 3: To eliminate dust and imperfections on the surface, each final coat is applied inside a fully enclosed spray booth.

By George L. Petrie

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Another high priority in the Marquis plan was to achieve a level of finish in cabinetry that would be competitive with the best European joinery. To attain this goal, there’s a separate varnish shop dedicated to the Marquis line. The process starts with solid premium cherrywood and book-matched panels of sapele pommelle. Each piece is spray-stained, hand-rubbed, and finished with seven coats of catalyzed urethane. To eliminate dust and imperfections on the surface, each final coat is applied inside a fully enclosed spray booth; entry is through a double door that forms an air lock to keep the booth dust free. The booth is ventilated through a series of grated ducts in the floor that carry overspray downward, so particles can’t settle back onto the newly finished surface. Then, while still inside the air lock, each piece moves into a drying room. After the urethane is dry, each component is taken from the air-locked chamber and hand-buffed to a deep shine. The company claims that the quality of interior finish achieved on both the 59 and 65 can compete with any in the world and will ultimately trickle down to the Carver line.

Another of the shared facilities that Marquis has brought to the Carver campus is a water-jet cutting machine. Computer-controlled, it uses a 6,000-psi jet of water and silicone to cut intricate shapes and patterns in everything from thin plastics to half-inch-thick stainless steel. Thanks to this technology, both Marquis models display lots of elegant stainless steel work, including a sweeping circular staircase with intricate treads, which leads from the saloon to the bridge. Again, the company expects techniques employed here to eventually benefit the Carver line.

For the time being, both Marquis models share one production line, but as I toured the plant, construction of a new building devoted just to the 65 was already in progress. Clearly big things are in the works for Marquis, but what about Carver? Has the company taken its eye off its bread-and-butter product line? Apparently not. Mike Murawski, vice president of marketing and sales, kept his cards close to the vest on specifics, but he did intimate that the builder had put together a new team of world-class designers, some affiliated with a high-end European automotive firm, to redesign and restyle the entire Carver line. If that project plays out as well as the Marquis, maybe some of that success will trickle up to Marquis. In any case, you can bet the new look will be more than just a pretty face.

Carver Yachts Phone: (920) 822-1575.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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