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Bertram 511

A Blast from the Past

Bertram's new battlewagon is suffused with the spirit of her ancestors.

Nothin' else like it in the world," I yelled as our Bertram 511 prototype swung a broad, gracefully banked, highly exhilarating turn. I snatched a couple of anticipatory breaths, tweaked the width of my stance, stabilized my butt against one of two, optional, high-gloss

2010 Hatteras 72 Motor yacht

Full Beam Ahead

In all regards, this 72-footer feels like she's ten feet longer.

When I stepped through the push-button-activated, stainless steel saloon doors on the Hatteras 72 for the first time I had a creeping feeling of doubt: was I on the right boat? I’d been on more than a few of this builder’s yachts over the years, and this one didn’t mesh with the

Boat Test: Viking Sport Cruisers V62

The evening’s peripherals were perfect. A few lights had begun twinkling along Plymouth’s quaint English shoreline. Great drafts of bracing salt air whooshed across our open Skyhatch, a mechanically actuated moonroof of sorts, through which a faint moon shone, at least on some of my longer beeline runs. And the rain had quit, leaving a sunset sky washed with amber and red.


Prestige 60

The sea off the coast of Genoa, Italy, glistened in the sun-bathed but crisp mid-October morning. I walked down the dock with the ancient city off to my starboard. At the quay to my port sat 60 feet of modern engineering: a flagship flying-bridge motoryacht from the French builder Prestige.

While this builder’s parent company Jeanneau has a history in Europe almost as rich as Genoa’s

Benetti Delfino 90

Oftentimes when a boatbuilder updates a line, it does so with just a few tweaks and alterations to previous models.Indeed, Benetti did just this with the Classic 121 (previously called the Classic 120) and Vision 145, when it debuted plans for its new semi-custom megayacht line at Cannes this year.

However, the other five boats in the range, which is now called the Benetti Class, are brand

Grady-White 366 Canyon

Performance. After spending two days onboard the Grady-White 366 Canyon in some wicked 20-knot-plus winds, I concluded that this word pretty much sums up this mammoth center console.

The first and most obvious reason for this opinion came from the fact that my test vessel was outfitted with three, monster-size, 804-pound, 350-hp V8 Yamaha four-stroke outboards. Twin 350s are standard with

Ready to Go

A lot of new boats will have debuted at this year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show by the time this issue hits newsstands. Among the plethora of vessels, Horizon Yachts' first Vision 74 CMY to arrive stateside stands out, due primarily to the sheer amount of integrated gear aboard. The boat is part of Horizon's Green Initiative, and as such contains a number of eco-friendly features.

The Vaneer of History

The Gulf of Maine was for a long time a haven for smugglers. As a result of its sparsely populated islands, lax border enforcement, and heavy fog, running goods across the Canadian border became a tradition that went back centuries. Barrels of flour numbering in the tens of thousands were shipped to New Brunswick during the 1808Jefferson's embargo. Beginning around 1812 and continuing well past

Build By Numbers

There’s no replacement for skilledlabor. Anyone who’s ever held a jobdoesn’t need a lecture on the meritsof consistent leadership and the costsassociated with retraining andrehiring a work force. Few boatbuildersunderstand this as well asRegal, which currently employsmore than 100 workers who havebeen with the company for morethan 20 years. There’s a philosophy of continuity at Regal

Smooth Operator

I’m crankin’ up this test report with somethingthat’s gonna sound a little strange, at least at first.My sea trial of Hampton Yacht’s Endurance 650LRC (Long Range Cruiser) took place in two,totally different, geographically discrete installments.The first occurred on Lake Washingtonon a cool Seattle afternoon and the second on theIntracoastal Waterway on a steamy morning inDestin,

Sleek, Speedy, Spacious

Waiting for the bridge to Hillsboro Inlet off Pompano Beach, Florida, required about ten minutes of jockeying in a determined cross current. There was little wind, but the approach to this bridge is short, and it doesn’t leave a lot of room for error—a situation that could’ve quicklybecome “interesting.” I felt the current catch my sleek, lowprofile,Euro-style test boat, the Newport 71 SS4, and

Family Favorite

I felt slightly flummoxed after boarding VikingSport Cruiser’s new 50 Flybridge in the storiedold harbor of Plymouth, England. Certainly, thesource of my perplexity had nothing to do withthe vessel’s appearance. While shapes and stylelines were indeed bold and aggressive, the overallprofile was attractive yet undeniably mainstream.And I experienced no confusion concerningthe topside

Viking Sport Cruisers 50 Flybridge Yacht

I felt slightly flummoxed after boarding Viking Sport Cruiser’s new 50 Flybridge in the storied old harbor of Plymouth, England. Certainly, the source of my perplexity had nothing to do with the vessel’s appearance. While shapes and style lines were indeed bold and agressive, the overall profile was attractive yet undeniably mainstream. And I experienced no confusion concerning the

Newport 71 SS4

Waiting for the bridge to Hillsboro Inlet off Pompano Beach, Florida, required about ten minutes of jockeying in a determined cross current. There was little wind, but the approach to this bridge is short, and it doesn’t leave a lot of room for error—a situation that could’ve quickly become “interesting.” I felt the current catch my sleek, low-profile, Euro-style test boat, the Newport 71 SS4,

Hatteras 77 Enclosed Bridge Convertible

What’s old is new again.

How many times have you heard that phrase when news-channel talking heads are referring to music, art, and clothes? (Like when bell bottoms made a comeback? Ugh.) But unlike with fashion, it sometimes makes sense to revisit the past with boats. At least Hatteras Yachts thought so shortly after it launched its 77 Enclosed Bridge Convertible a few years

Altura 840

The Ferretti Group’s Privilege Days event for owners, high-rollers, and other promising prospects has become an annual fixture in the Italian seaside resort of Cattolica, on the Adriatic coast. At the quayside the company assembles a complete and fully crewed range of boats from the Ferretti, Custom Line, and Mochi shipyards, reserves the local restaurant, and waits for nature to take its

Eastport 32

Fine dining tables are airily spaced throughout The Boatyard Bar and Grill, which is coated in the endemic red-and-white dcor of a Maryland crab house. Manila lines and painted pastel models of local vessels sit on long shelves, displayed as gentle beacons of Annapolis’ maritime heritage. “This is where we drew the first boat,” explains Eastport Yachts cofounder and sales manager Tom Weaver in

Pacific Mariner 85

One of the most interesting sea trials I’ve ever done took place about five years ago on Skagit Bay, not far from LaConner, Washington. The subject, a prototype Pacific Mariner 85 (see “Dream Machine,” February 2005), was so new and untried that she wasn’t even completely finished. In

Viking 57 Convertible

When I first got into the boat-testing biz some 21 years ago, European styling was thought by most American experts of the day to be the greatest import to cross the pond since sliced gelato. Even now, the phenomenon continues to haunt the world of marine design, although its influences seem to be fading, especially in light of the styling we’re seeing in today’s sportfishing battlewagons, and

Sea Spirit 60 Passagemaker

the Lauderdale Yacht Club’s a lovely little facility, just a stone’s throw from the ICW. Going in, the channel narrows considerably after you pivot to starboard at the last day mark, and the darn thing gets narrower still once you start sneaking past the pulpits and swim platforms protruding from the east dock. “Keep her as close to that stuff as possible,” advised Andrea Gaines, captain of our

Regulator 34 SS

The Mid-Atlantic states tend to get a little frosty in late December. In fact, when I pulled into Bluewater Yachting Center in Hampton, Virginia, and parked my car behind the prototype Regulator 34 SS (Side Seating) I was gonna sea trial that morning, the dashboard readout on the ol’ rental car marked the ambience outside at 39˚F. And what’s more, the tops of the trees ‘round about were swaying

Altima 45 Euro Sedan

It wasn’t until I piloted the Altima 45 Euro Sedan up Fort Lauderdale’s New River that I began to appreciate this vessel’s close-quarter-handling characteristics.

For those not familiar with the New River, it’s a heavily trafficked waterway—both by commercial and recreational vessels—about the width of my thumb and as deep as a pothole, with several blind turns, bridges, and other nautical

Ocean Alexander 60

I’m a reasonably social guy, meaning I either host or attend my fair share of civic events, dinner parties, and other lubberly hoorahs. But when it comes to long-distance cruising, I prefer traveling with a single companion: either my wife, a friend, or a relative. Elbowroom’s part of the deal—even sixty-footers can feel a tad cramped after a week or so, particularly with a passel of yakety-yaks

American Tug 49

It’s up to the Army Corps of Engineers,” explained Kurt Dilworth, vice president of engineering at Tomco Marine in La Conner, Washington, which is about an hour north of Seattle. “They need to dredge this channel. The silt just eddies in.”

We were returning against an outbound tide after my sea trial of the 49-foot American Tug, a coastal cruiser and Tomco Marine’s largest vessel to date.

Nordhavn 75

There are two ways to explain the Nordhavn 75 Expedition Yachtfisher (EYF). One is that if you want to not only go after really big fish but find them in abundance, you have to venture beyond coastal waters. You must journey to places that never see a sportfishing boat and are visited only rarely by commercial vessels. The other is that if you’re going to do bluewater voyaging, as in being at sea

Vetus Maxwell Tip of the Week

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