Boat Tests

Viking 66 Convertible

PMY Exclusive Boat Test of the Viking 66 Convertible. Viking’s new 66 Convertible is definitely a work of art and maybe even a masterpiece.

There’s a story, probably apocryphal, that when someone asked Michelangelo how he would create a sculpture of an elephant he replied, “I would take a large piece of stone and take away everything that was not the elephant.” Although a masterpiece of oversimplification, his words point up that genius almost always results from having a clear goal and being able to focus on it to the exclusion of everything else...

Mangusta 105

Few boatbuilders put together a big boat with big-time performance quite like Overmarine. The Mangusta 105 matches a pair of 2,400-hp MTU diesels to water jets to offer impressive speeds with considerable luxury. PMY's independant boat test of the 105-foot Mangusta megayacht. Chasing the Snake: Mangusta builds a boat to kill a cobra. It’s a great story...

Beneteau Flyer GT 38

Warp Factors: The Beneteau Flyer Gran Turismo 38 may transport you futher than you think. Boat test of the Beneteau Flyer Gran Turismo 38.

Sunseeker Manhattan 53

Next Generation

We test the space-age Manhattan 53 within sight of England’s stone-age coast.

This year’s Southampton boat show was breezy and damp, as it often is. If you wanted to guarantee unreliable weather for an outdoor event, you couldn’t do better than to choose the period of the fall equinox, when the predicted path of Atlantic low-pressure systems exactly

Cruisers Yachts 41 Cantius

A Good Running Game

The Cruisers 41 Cantius exemplifies traditional American values, and she’s a pleasure to run.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a city with a population hovering just above 100,000, though I’d guess that number at least doubled this football season when the New Orleans Saints came to town to play the world-champion Packers in the NFL opener...

Kadey-Krogen 48' AE

To what length will PMY go to test a new full-displacement trawler from Kadey-Krogen?

Oh, about 800 nautical miles!

So how totally cool can one moment afloat be? Our Kadey-Krogen 48 AE (Advanced Ergo-nomics) was purring north on Chesapeake Bay, with the mouth of the Choptank River to starboard and salty breezes wafting through the

Intrepid 475 Sport Yacht

The Intrepid 475 Sport Yacht is completely customizable and runs like an Olympic bobsled.

I blame my father.

He writes with his left hand, and I learned handwriting from watching him. Only problem is, I’m a righty. Thusly, everything I’ve ever produced from a pen has been smudgy chicken-scratch. So imagine what it looks like when I write down

Marquis 42 Sportbridge

Edgy, Edgy, Edgy



Marquis’ 420 sport bridge offers rad styling, pod propulsion, and all-American construction.


There are plenty of skippers who are seriously into making a statement every time they bring a boat into a marina, especially when it’s a marina they’ve never visited before. The statements vary, of course. A Grand Banks owner like myself, for example, loves

Maritimo Aegean 55

No Worries

Maritimo’s Aegean 55 succeeds by leveraging a proven formula and keeping things simple.

Ever since it began building boats back in 2003, Maritimo’s been known for a laser-like focus on efficiency. In the performance realm, this is typified by an insistence on minimizing propshaft angle in the belief that the closer it comes to straight horizontal the

Ferretti 720

New Direction



Ferretti aims for a wider audience by putting big-yacht features into its smallest “big” model.


Few yachting brands are as instantly recognizable, with those stern, straight-edged windows, the creamy gelcoat, strong horizontals, and cantilevered upper decks. Never a high-volume builder, but always an arbiter of engineering and build quality, Ferretti

Maestro 82

The Maestro 82 is maneuverable, Americanized, and as comfortable as a five-star hotel.

We’re gonna try to park this vessel alongside that?!” I asked, pointing at a wobbly little dock a hundred yards astern resting on floats and surrounded by much smaller vessels. Maestro Yachts’ company captain Antonino Pollio grinned lopsidedly at me, apparently

Riviera 53 EFB

A Matter Of Choice

Riviera’s new Enclosed Flybridge lets you pick your power and your point of view.

Some boaters are all about choice—they want options and plenty of them. Others avoid making decisions and are happy to take what’s presented to them.

For those of you in the first category, I have the perfect boat: the Riviera 53 Enclosed Flybridge. This boat is

Sessa C54

Beating The Heat

The Sessa C54 is an elegant and nimble boat that’ll keep you cool, literally and figuratively.

The Miami heat is unbeatable in June. And I’m not talking about LeBron James and company, as they clearly are capable of faltering in the summertime. I’m talking about the actual temperature in The Magic City in that first, blistering month of summer. As I

Apreamare 64 Fly

Ticket to Paradise

This Italian-made yacht is built for fun in the sun, and she plays the part well.

I distinctly remember going to the zoo when I was a kid and seeing a cheetah in its cage. It had plenty of room, lots of red meat, and a nice warm rock to lounge on. The big cat seemed happy enough. But I wasn’t. It all seemed a little too controlled, a little bit

Pershing 108

Like A Rocket

Pershing lives up to its name with a yacht that flies across the water with guided-missile speed.

Pershings seem to defy the laws of physics. It is normal for one to assume that as things get bigger they also get slower, but no one seems to have told them that. Look back on the Pershings we have tested over the years, ranging from 62 to 115 feet, and

Vicem 78

Turkish Traveler

This 78-footer combines a classic profile, a modern interior, and generous cruising range.

I’ve seen and tested a fair number of cold-molded mahogany Vicems over the years, and almost all featured the Turkish builder’s trademark traditional-looking, rich, mahogany interior. But that image was shattered for me (in a brilliant way) when I stepped

Azimut 72S

A Beauty And A Beast

Azimut’s newest addition to its s collection is fast, chic, and suffice to say, she’s got a bit of an edge to her.

In one of the more memorable lines from the Cockney crime film Sexy Beast a burly safecracker named Gal barks bluntly into the camera, “Back off, I’m beautiful.” That phrase could very well be stencilled onto every Azimut 72S as the

Swift Trawler 44

Game On

Beneteau’s newest Fast Trawler proves it’s serious about attracting American cruisers.

I first encountered Beneteau’s Swift Trawlers in France last summer. I spent most of my time testing the 34 and concluded that the French builder had done a fine job creating a vessel that while making no pretensions to being the displacement-style cruiser her name implies,

Fairline Squadron 65

A Little Flash for the Family

Looking for performance and posh but need room for kids and grandkids? Fairline’s got it.

A few months ago I tested the Fairline Targa 58 (see April PMY, “Pure Indulgence”), a boat I found to be as exciting and glamorous as she was impractical—at least for most of us. I loved her, and I figured the reason I did was my uniquely American

Island Pilot 535

The Complete Yacht

This boat’s standards list includes dynamic positioning and a Seakeeper gyro-stabilizer.

There’s no denying the striking one-of-a-kind appearance of Island Pilot’s new 535. In fact, to a guy like me, who’s subject to the wiles of seafaring romance and always has been, her profile has got a somewhat cinematic flair. It’s a logical first impression

Viking Yachts 42 Open

Poetry In Motion

Viking Yachts puts a new twist on propulsion with a fast, fun super-performer.

Now this was going to be interesting! Viking Yachts was making its first foray into the realm of pod-propulsion with an express-style sportfishing machine—the 42 Open. I was strolling through the gates at Viking’s Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida, charged