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Music to Your...Snorkel?

By Elizabeth A. Ginns — September 2003


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Here’s one of those “What an interesting idea!” items that pop up from time to time: Amphicom’s Aqua FM snorkel radio. The unique snorkel features an FM radio built into a waterproof enclosure so you can listen to music while snorkeling or swimming laps.

I tested the Aqua in the waters off Cape Cod where the underwater view isn’t exactly breathtaking (no pun intended), and radio stations came in loud and clear. In an area like this where there’s not much to see, or if you’re just swimming in a pool, the radio provides welcome diversion, just like a Walkman does to running.

The Aqua FM retails for about $130 and is available from most specialty sports stores and dive shops and through Amphicom’s California dealer, Aquasphere.

Amphicom Phone: (877) 643-3483.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.