How to have a well-stocked bar on your boat

Make friends on the docks by having the best-stocked bar.

Breuckelen Distilling

Locally Distilled Gin

Local distilleries are popping up across the country and are turning out high-quality liquors that can compete with the best of the national brands. For example, Brooklyn-based Breuckelen Distilling uses locally sourced ingredients including grains and botanicals to craft its spirits. With a more pronounced flavor, this gin does especially well in a simple gin and tonic or a classic Tom Collins. So on your next cruise, in addition to regional cuisine, also explore your liquor options to really get the local flavor.


Fred & Friends

Stir Sticks

Brightly colored swizzle sticks add flair to any of your well-mixed drinks. Designed to look like sticks, they’re reusable and durable—an ideal alternative on a long passage.




Though they look like glass, these reusable 16-ounce wineglasses are made from food-safe polymer. They’re also shatterproof and recyclable.



Whiskey Stones

If your ice supply is low, try Whiskey Stones. Once frozen, the stones will quickly cool a drink without diluting it and won’t affect its taste or “nose.”


This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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