Bertram 64

Boat Tests


Builder: Bertram

Model: Bertram 64

Model Year: 2014

Boat Type: Sportfisherman

Generator 2/23-kW Cummins Onan

LOA: 67'6"

Beam: 18'2"

Draft: 5'5"

Displacement: 94,711 lb.

Standard Power: 2/1,927-hp Caterpillar C32 ACERT diesel inboards

Optional Power: 2/1,622-hp MTU 10V-2000-M94 diesel inboards

Fuel Capacity: 1,850 gal.

Water Capacity: 360 gal.

Layout Diagram

Bertram 64 deckplans

An ER: Easily Understood

Bertram 64 Engine Room

There was one immediately obvious aspect of the 64’s engine room (and the equipment room directly abaft it) that got my full and enthusiastic attention once I’d come down the steps from the cockpit. Everything was arranged in an exceptionally simple, straightforward, and immediately understandable manner. Instead of a confusing array of fuel tanks and a complicated fuel manifold, for instance, there was one, single athwartship FRP fuel tank (located on the center of buoyancy, thereby nixing trim effects due to ullage changes) with Apollo ball-valves on the supply lines for the mains, the Cummins Onan gensets (one standard, the other optional), the Reverso fuel-polisher, and the metered oil-transfer pump. In addition, fuel monitoring was belt and suspenders, with a giant, easy-to-read sight gauge on the forward firewall as well as an electronic sensor for the Octoplex onboard management system.

Kick-Butt Crash Pumps

Crash pumps on the Bertram 64

Bertram puts lots of emphasis on safety, a fact I’d say is best illustrated by the superbly engineered set of crash-pumps coming off the 64’s main engines. Each was plumbed with a large, commercial-grade ratchet-lock butterfly valve on the primary raw-water intake and a smaller, top-shelf Apollo ball valve on the bilge-suction line. Not only were all these valves easy to get at, turn, and identify, they were all thoroughly and precisely adjustable, an important feature when a hard-pressed crew has to use an engine or engines to control flooding in the machinery spaces. Crash-pump valves that are not properly adjusted to supply an adequate amount of raw-water cooling during an emergency pumpout, of course, can cause an engine (or engines) to catastrophically overheat.


Noteworthy Options: Maxwell docking capstans astern
Latham hydraulic swim platform
teak steps bridge and swim-platform steps (option pricing upon request).

This article originally appeared in the June 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.