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Sharp Shellfish

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2013-06-17 12:58

Razor clams

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Learn more about the 164-foot Feadship Iroquois Here

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2013-06-04 10:43

Iroquois photo by Matt Ruscher/Yacht-Images.comIroquois is a 164-foot Feadship launched in 1998. She has appeared on the America’s Top 100 list of the largest American-owned yachts published by Power & Motoryacht until 2011.

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Sea Monsters, Orcas, and the Fun of Fear

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2013-05-08 16:59

What is it about sea monsters that captures the imagination of the world? When the 30-foot-long carcass (shown in the video below) washed ashore on a New Zealand beach, this video began to show signs of going viral. Now thought to be an orca decomposed into something strange and otherworldly, the body’s discovery lit the fire of imagination around the world: What could it be? Some new species or one thought long extinct? Boy I wouldn’t want to swim anywhere near that guy! Look at those teeth.

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Reef Madness

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2013-04-29 11:01

Coral reefThe Nature Conservancy, Puntacana Ecological Foundation, the commercial venture Seascape Caribbean, and other conservationists have begun seeding Caribbean coral reefs with fast-growing coral species in hopes of reversing a trend of dying coral coverage as a result of ocean acidification and other factors.

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Video: Big Surprise in Small Viking Liferaft Box (Hint: It Seats 200)

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2013-03-13 16:58

When you’re looking at safety equipment for your boat, two things should come to mind: The number of people you need to protect from harm and the space you have on your boat. A new commercial liferaft turns the geometry of those figures on its head. The raft is stored in a box that measures roughly 3 feet wide, 3 feet tall, and 15 feet long. But it expands into a covered raft that seats 200 persons. It also has four electric motors, the better to steer out of trouble. Check out its first-ever deployment at Lauderdale Marina in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Recipe: Oven-Roasted Golden Tilefish

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2013-03-13 08:32

Reel Eats

Reward all that deep-drop reeling with a delightful repast of oven-roasted tilefish. You won't be disappointed. Sportfishing columnist Gary Caputi has caught--and eaten--enough of them to know.

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Eats: Another Man’s Treasure

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2013-03-02 12:44

Adventurous eaters should look into attending the first-ever Trash Fish Dinner put on by Chefs Collaborative on March 10 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Now We’re Cooking on the Cruisers 41 Cantius

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2012-12-14 17:37

Editor-in-Chief George Sass, left, and the author enjoy the sunset and the smell of cooking meat. Photo by Erin Kenney Some folks lounge around to relax. Others immerse themselves in a trashy novel, ignoring those around them in favor of purple prose and questionable cover art. Others make small talk. None of that works for me. I can’t really read with other people around, and staring off into space doesn’t work.

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Can It

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2012-08-17 07:35

Cisco Brewers images: Katie Kaizer PhotographyThe craft-beer revolution has passed many boaters by. Why? Those snobby breweries only used glass bottles—until now. By leaving fragile, heavy bottles to the landlubbers, breweries and beer drinkers get many benefits: Cans don’t break, chill faster, take up less space, and protect beer from harmful light. Remember though, if you do enjoy some suds at sea, let someone else take the helm. Here are some seaworthy choices.

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Monte Carlo Yachts Introduces New 70 at Trieste Bash

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted 2012-07-26 13:11

Photo by Jason Y WoodWe made a quick trip to Trieste over the weekend to join Monte Carlo Yachts in welcoming its new 70. The gleaming yacht was the belle of the ball, making a striking impression on the hard in the main piazza of this northeastern Italian city.

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