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Kevin Koenig Blog

Welcome Aboard to a 600-pound Marlin

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-10-22 11:47

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This One Might Make it to Valhalla

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-09-12 10:42

Testing the Viking 55 was a decent way to kill a Tuesday. I tested out the Viking 55 yesterday down in New Gretna, New Jersey, and I have to say … Wow. Nice boat. The thing floats like a duck and runs like a gazelle.

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Somebody Tell Me about the Compass Rose!

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-09-07 16:13

This expedition yacht is currently docked at Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City. She’s a beautiful boat, and she’s outfitted with all sorts of tenders. Check out the picture. Megayacht "Compass Rose"It’s like a Where’s Waldo game for tenders. Me and my buddy Chuck counted five including a PWC. I’m told that’s a Viking 42 at the stern, though you can only see the tower here. Not bad for a bumboat.

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Bet You Drive a Little Slower after Watching this Insane Boat Crash Video

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-09-05 12:14

This video has been going viral lately. I wasn’t going to post it because I was sure someone died in it (either the driver or the girl in pink), but then I read last night that everyone on the boat survived with what were reported as “minor to moderate” injuries. Everyone on the boat was also apparently made out of adamantium too, because that makes no sense. That was a SCARY crash. One minute you’re ripping across the water in your Fountain go-fast with a bunch of girls in bikinis, next minute BAM!

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Russell Crowe gets Lost at Sea (not according to Russell Crowe)

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-09-04 13:58


Actor Russell Crowe sorta kinda maybe almost probably definitely got lost this weekend while paddling his kayak around Long Island Sound with a friend.

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Shark Feeding Frenzy 50 Yards off the New Jersey Shore

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-08-24 14:29

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Lending a Tentacle

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-08-15 14:00

The HMS Hood was once the flagship of the Royal Navy. Photo Credit: Naval Historical CenterMicrosoft cofounder Paul Allen kept his 414-foot yacht Octopus in London for the Olympics. But before sailing for home, the vessel will partake in a noble mission in service of The Crown.

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Fly Like an Eagle [In]to the Sea

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-08-14 11:47

The Super Falcon literally flies along underwater like a bird. There is no other sub quite like it. Photo by Hawkes Ocean technologiesThe Deep Flight Super Falcon is a new, 22-foot-long submersible with wings built by the same team that designed Sir Richard Branson’s famous deep-diving subs. The Super Falcon is one of the first submersibles to use actual buoyancy, as opposed to ballast tanks, to stay afloat.

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Fire at McMullen & Wing Yard

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-08-13 14:21

Fire Starter

A fire at McMullen and Wing’s Auckland, New Zealand, yard has sent their largest build, the 50-meter Star Fish, up in smoke. The boat, which cost about $40mm USD to build, was severely damaged.

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This Shark, Swallow Ya Whole

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2012-08-09 10:27

Shark photo by Kevin Koenig

In honor of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week (starting this Sunday at 9 pm) I thought I’d post this photo I took a few weeks back. It’s a replica of the largest fish ever caught on rod and reel, a 3,427 pound, 17-foot-long great white caught by the legendary Capt. Frank Mundus along with Donnie Braddick off of Montauk, New York, in 1986.

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