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Gulf Sickness?

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-05-18 13:54

Hey readers, I'm looking to gather information on anyone who may have gotten sick from the BP Oil Spill or subsequent cleanup.  If you or anyone you know has been afflicted with something that you can prove, or otherwise you highly suspect was a result of the spill—particularly if you believe the oil dispersant known as Corexit was the culprit—please email me at I'd like to hear your story.

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Weekend Plans Sunk?

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-05-12 11:26

A 70-foot boat named Atlantic Traveler capsized in the Manasquan Inlet yesterday, apparently blocking off the inlet for some say, as much as a week. All three crew members escaped the boat unharmed after being dumped into the chilly waters in the pre-dawn hours. I'm glad everybody was safe, and hats off to the Coast Guard for making a successful rescue.

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Some folks were born made to wave the flag ...

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-05-05 16:01

I'm down in Lauderdale staying at the Marina Hilton at the moment, and right outside is docked a 65-foot 2002 Viking sportcruiser named Unfortunate Son. What a great name for a boat. The second I saw it I stopped and took a picture for this blog but unfortunately my iPhone is on the fritz at the moment. But really, as a name Unfortunate Son has it all.

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Darwinism in Action

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-04-26 17:05

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Take the Ferry

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-04-20 17:07

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Everything's Better with Lasers

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-04-14 10:50

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Does Tiger Woods Constitute Provenance?

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-04-06 14:29

Word on the docks is that Tiger Woods is looking to unload his 155-foot Christensen named, ironically, Privacy. The Palm Beach Post has reported that the golfer is searching out a broker for the deal after his ex-wife Elin decided that the reported $2 million dollars of upkeep per year was not worth the price tag and turned ownership of the yacht down.

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Fish Are Now Apparently Sick of Water

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-03-30 12:12

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but lately giant, suicidal fish have been jumping into boats pretty much unprovoked. Seems counterintuitive to survival to me, but I guess that's why I'm at the top of the food chain and they're not. ("Oohhh but the mako shark is at the top of the food chain, Kevin! Blah, blah, blah." No. It's not. You know why? Because I've eaten a mako steak before and a mako has never had a Kevin steak. I know this for a fact.)


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Unrest in Middle East a Boon for Yacht Sales?

By Kevin Koenig | Posted 2011-03-23 14:27

A recent article in the New York Times investigates how the current protests in the Middle East may affect yacht sales in the region. It seems dealers are unconcerned over the recent political turmoil in countries like Egypt and Libya, and believe that if and when freedom rings across the region, more and more people will be looking to purchase a yacht. The article also notes that if things get too violent on land, motoring off in a megayacht is a great way to abscond . . .

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