Big Box vs. Big Water

Someone who helped shape my professional career is a man by the name of Johnny Morris, a founder of a big-box marine store. I only met him once, but he was a mentor of mine for many years. I studied him.

Safe Adventures

My friend Jack Bulger foraged his way through a fried seafood platter at the 15th Street Fisheries in Ft.

Giving Erika the Eye in the BVI


Storm in the BVI

Watching Danny and Erika circle each other became a sport and a pastime. But no! We weren’t sitting in some bar watching friends try to make a love connection. Instead, rewind to last week: We were on the beautiful, pristine, and all-but-abandoned off-season waters of the BVI. My wife and seven-year-old daughter were joining me for a weeklong crewed charter with The Moorings and we had secured a 514PC for the week.

Happy Times Courtesy of HMY

HMY rendezvous

Something Swedish

The all carbon fiber Delta 88 truly impresses in a sweet Swedish setting

Delta 88

Trending at Carver/Marquis

A brainstorming session at a Carver Marquis dealer meeting provides a glimpse into what today’s buyers demand.