Memory Lane

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s Miami boat show time again (February 11-15). I realized this show is going to be my 21st annual pilgrimage to Miami where I get to deep-dive into all things boating. For me, it’s a wonderful time to learn about new boats, products, and equipment while catching up with old friends. 

By George Sass Jr. |

One Crafty Cat

As power catamarans become increasingly popular in the charter and recreational market, a cutting-edge catamaran concept has crept onto the scene. Dubbed “Submerge” by designer Alex Marzo, this 150-foot cat boasts three modes. The first orients its hulls vertically so it runs like a typical yacht. The second, at the push of a button, makes the hulls fold out via massive hydraulic arms until horizontal with the water, creating an even more stable floating-home-type platform.

By Daniel Harding |

Keeping Hope Afloat

S.S. United States

Resting at Philadelphia’s pier 82, the S.S. United States—launched in 1952—is showing her age. Rust has enveloped her once-proud exterior; the artwork and furniture from her cruise-liner days have been sold off, and today the boat teeters on the precipice of the scrapyard. 

By Daniel Harding |
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