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Starry nights and sunny days

The number of yachts it is possible to see during the Monaco Yacht Show is staggering. And without the aid of well-kept notes, sometimes boats start to blend together. So it's the bits that stand out that stick in your memory.

How Do You Say "D'oh!'' in Mandarin

Listen, I have no idea what these people are saying, or why they built a boat that doesn't float, or why this video went viral referring to this thing a "yacht" (looks like a ferry to me). But I do know that when you roll a $2.6 million dollar vessel right off the blocks and straight to the bottom of some nasty-looking river in China, there really is only one thing to say: In the immortal words of the great Homer Simpson ... D'oh!

Saluting the Coast Guard… and its Families

I had the good fortune to be invited to the 31st Annual Salute to the United States Coast Guard, and I will say this event stands apart from other New York City hotel-ballroom dinners. The nonprofit Coast Guard Foundation salutes the Coast Guard by singling out surfmen and cutter and helicopter crews for acts of bravery in keeping boaters, and pretty much anyone else who asks for help, safe.

Show Boating

By Jason Y. Wood

Dive Dive Dive

"So just climb in there, Bill," Marc Deppe of Triton Subs told me. "Yup. Yup. That's right. Operating this sub is about as intuitive as breathing."

After a second or two, there I was, seated at the helm of the Triton sub simulator in Vero Beach. With the surface of some computer-generated water dead ahead at about eye-level. And a few computer-generated fish cruising past. And then a shark. Yikes! A hammerhead!

NMEA Showcases Smart Development

I had the good fortune to attend the NMEA International Conference and Expo, where manufacturers put their best foot forward and give dealers and media a peek at what’s new.   

Hey. Where's the boat?

Two divers are saying that they came to the surface during a dive trip three miles off Key Biscayne this week and their dive boat was ... gone. They hung on to a fishing buoy for two hours until they were picked up by a passing yacht, No Compromise.

Wooden You Know It

During the Monaco Yacht Show, the principality went Dutch. Not that checks were split but rather wooden shoes began popping up all over. As if the Dutch Cinderella had run through town and lost more than one shoe.

Or as if a group of Lilliputians had sailed to show to check out some yachts.