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Virtual Hatteras

I've viewed a fair number of "virtual boat tours" over the years, and most of them look—well, virtual, as opposed to realistic. Either that or they're so cursory that they  don't give you a feeling for what the boat is really like. But the  one for Hatteras's new GT63 pretty much blew me away. It's both realistic and comprehensive. Have a look:

Heesen keeping busy

It seems every week I am getting another announcement of a Heesen launch or contract signed. It's great news.

This past week they launched the 50-meter (164-foot) Satori, which is the enlightenment that is the first step to Nirvana in the Zen Buddhist tradition. At just under 500 gross tons, she has a top speed of 24 knots (27.6 mph), which will make it easy to marina-hop.

Payback Time

Illustration by Richard ClarkA phony Florida boat contractor faced a fateful deadline recently: Either return $90,000 in cash to his victims or spend eight years in state prison.

Thinking about 2014 already?

Even if you aren't, the Russians are. (I know I am focused on making it past 2012.)

A Coming Attraction

One of the boats Fairline is featuring on Collins Avenue is this Targa 58, which is the very boat I tested a few weeks ago. Not to give anything away but I loved it. Look for the exclusive US test in April PMY.