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Boater Safety


My holidays, like many people's holidays, involved a trip home to Wisconsin. One afternoon, I was sent to the basement to sort through boxes that contained the abandoned remnants of my childhood. In a box of books, I found my old boaters' safety cards and study guides.


The Show Must Go On

In 2011 I hit 11 boat shows, both domestically and abroad. And trust me, 11 was enough.

I know many of you look forward to boat shows, and actually I do too—at least at the beginning of the season. I just think there are too many of them. Admittedly as a journalist my motivation for going to them is different from yours: You shop and buy (hopefully); I do research. Still I question whether seemingly every city and sizable town in the world needs its own boat show—or maybe two—each presenting essentially the same boats
and information.

Divorce, British-Style

An angry wife who took out her frustrations on her husband’s boat will have nine months in prison for reflection. Police say Mandy Fleming of Kent, England, staged a life-threatening attack on her husband’s 39-foot cruiser when she discovered he’d bought a new flatscreen TV for the vessel after claiming he was broke. The 47-year-old woman went to the docks with a cordless drill and drilled three holes in the hull of the $150,000 Double Dragon. She then opened all the gas burners on the stove in an attempt to blow it up.

Holidays Before the Holidays

Funny thing about sunsets, a naturally groovy phenomenon you tend to see a lot of while traveling onboard a boat like my relatively slow, leave-at-dawn-arrive-sometime-after-the-moon-comes-up  trawler Betty Jane. On the one hand, there's a certain similarity amongst most of them I suppose, but on the other, most all have their unique characteristics, their foibles.

Volvo Penta Delivers 4,000th IPS Unit

Six years after introducing its IPS engine-drive package, Volvo Penta announced that it had shipped its 4,000th unit this summer. The engine manufacturer says its IPS package has replaced shaft-and-strut propulsion on thousands of boats, making them more maneuverable, fuel efficient, quieter, cleaner, and easier to drive. “Volvo Penta IPS fundamentally changed the marine marketplace,” said Clint Moore, CEO of Volvo Penta of the Americas. “For the first time in my experience, consumers start the boat-show buying experience at our booth, asking us which boat brands are available with Volvo Penta IPS. [IPS] owners report significantly higher overall satisfaction than owners of cruisers with traditional inboard propulsion.” The 4,000th IPS unit was installed in a Cruisers 48 Cantius.

New Year, New Boat?

By Jason Y. Wood

Another year has nearly passed, and boat buyers and sellers are peering into the great unknown and wondering what the coming season will bring. Just like with any challenges people face, the new year is a time for fresh starts and redoubled efforts. Make some resolutions and make 2012 the best year yet.

Bitter Sweet

I just returned from a wonderful five-day bareboat cruise thorugh the British Virgin Islands, courtesy of The Moorings, which lent me one of their brand-new 3900 PCs. (The PC stands for Power Cat.) Here's an aft view our boat with me and my daughter Rikki.

Perhaps a more literal eBay

In March 2010, the 219-foot Apoise was auctioned off. And while the peculiar mode of sale created some buzz, it made sense as the yacht's owner had co-founded Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. And whatever your thoughts on her final sale price (reportedly approximately $46 million), the yacht was sold fewer than three months after the owners announced the sale.

But for all the skeptics, someone's ears perked up.

Why Do They Call It a Go-Fast?

Oh right, because it goes 100 mph+. I was down in North Miami at Lip-Ship Performance yesterday testing the Cigarette 39 Top Gun Unlimited for an upcoming story and heavens to Betsy does that thing have some pop. Twin 700-hp super-charged Mercury's had us cranking by A-Rod's house in South Beach at just over the triple-digit mark. So I crossed that one off the bucket list successfully. And by successfully, I mean without actually kicking the bucket while doing it.