Good Night Irene

Hurrican IreneThe name Irene has been retired from the World Meteorological Organization’s list of storm names for the Atlantic Basin. Typically, names are recycled every six years—unless the storms they designate cause massive destruction. When Irene struck last August, she cut quite a swath: 48 deaths (40 in the US) and an estimated $15.8 billion in damages, not to mention devastating inland flooding in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

What’s Your Party Affiliation?

In an election year, the issues are up for debate. And one question may have Maryland boaters stumped: What will become of the great Bumper Bash of the Magothy River? Every July, hundreds of boaters have rafted up for a floating party off Dobbins Island near Annapolis, Maryland. But after a fierce legislative debate between organizers and local residents—the event may be coming to an end. In recent years, the state responded to the growth of Bumper Bash by increasing the number of police on duty.

Going Soft

While the briny tang of a raw oyster slipping across the tongue is a distant memory come summertime (for those who still abide by those rules), it’s high time to turn your thoughts to other seasonal delectations. Enter the softshell crab for an all-too-short visit: Flavor and texture are at their peak from now until August, and, as usual, the simplest recipe is the best with the freshest seafood.

Pocket Money

Ever wonder where your marina fees go—maintenance, repairs, maybe a new dock cleat every now and then? In Hawaii, about $100,000 in docking fees went to lining the wallet of a state boating official, according to police.

Well, I'll Be Blessed. And Betty, Too!

A few weekends ago, I was elbow deep in Betty Jane's annual oil-change (a day-long extravaganza that usually entails, besides the oil deal, a total swap-out of coolant and filters) when I heard something strange and seemingly far off.

A bagpipe? Playing The Marine's Hymn?

My Titanic Moment

Capt. Richard ThielOn the wall of my office, right above my desk where I have to look at it every day, hangs a large black-and-white photograph of a ship. It lends a nautical ambience to what would otherwise be a cold and sterile space. But this isn’t a photo of just any ship. It’s of the RMS Titanic, as she’s leaving Southampton, England, on her maiden voyage, almost exactly 100 years ago. 

The picture has been with me for a long time and adorned many offices because it has been a constant reminder of two rules that have been important to me, not only in magazine publishing but in life: Expect the unexpected, and you’re never as smart as you think you are.

May Industry News

Fairline Names New CEO

Fairline Boats has appointed Alistair Schofield as chief executive officer. The marine-industry veteran has worked extensively in business development and technical operations. “We are delighted to bring a CEO of Alistair’s caliber to the business and are confident that with his exceptional experience he will take Fairline through its next stage of development,” said Nick Sanders, chairman of Fairline.

April Industry News

Marquis Yachts Partners with Chinese Company
Marquis Yachts, LLC, announced that it has formed a joint venture with Poly Technology Company of China for the sales and distribution rights for Marquis Yachts throughout China. The joint venture, called the Poly Marquis Yacht Company Ltd., will open a sales and service center at Serenity Marina and Yacht Club in Sanya, China, where it will maintain an inventory of Marquis Yachts. Irwin Jacobs, chairman of Marquis parent company J&D Acquisitions, LLC said, “It is anticipated that over the next few years, China’s recreational yachting and boating market is emerging to become one of the largest recreational yachting markets in the world.” State-owned Poly Technology also holds distribution rights to luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz and Ferrari.

A visit to New York City’s disappearing commercial waterfront.

Ghosts of Red Hook

On a snowy Sunday afternoon in late January I found myself perusing the New York Times obituaries in a desperate attempt to avoid shoveling my driveway.

I normally have no interest in news of the recently departed but one entry caught my eye: “Pilar Montero, 90, Bar Owner and Link to a Seafaring Past.” And with good reason, for three decades earlier I had met Mrs. Montero when I visited Montero’s Bar and Grill, which is in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn and has been since 1945.