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Cape May, New Jersey

Part of the joy of moving to a new area is that it opens up new places to discover.

I grew up in Wisconsin, so if you want a great burger in Door County, give me a shout. (But I'll give you a hint.) Now I have the entire Eastern Seaboard to explore. I've been fortunate to see the Eastern Shore of Virginia and the Lowcountry, but I haven't been to much of the area a bit closer to New York City.

Happy New Year

The New Year's Parties in St Barths are known to draw megayachts from around the Caribbean. Megayachts arrive in Gustavia Harbor weeks in advance to be sure of getting a spot.

Hard-hitting reporting

While researching a story in the challenging climates of the Caribbean, I saw some yachts that I'd previously only seen in the pages of our magazine: A, Luna, Seven Seas, and some other smaller not-Top-100-worthy yachts.

It would be accurate to say that I geeked out like a school girl at a Justin Bieber concert.