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Pack a Pic-a-nic Basket

But where's Yogi?

After a successful Miami boat show that saw the sale of a number of Sanlorenzos, the shipyard has been busy finishing and launching a few more yachts.

There was Lady Kathleen last month. And now March brings Bubu Forever. (And yes, it is pronounced like Yogi's little buddy.)

Looks Like I'll Be Sleeping a Little Bit Safer Soon

The New York City Police Department just dropped a cool five million dollars on a 72-foot, high speed security boat that can hold upwards of 30 officers. The boat will be bulletproof and also feature an airtight cabin to protect policemen against airborne contaminants. A company in Somerset, Massachusetts is building the boat. Its main purpose will be to protect against potential maritime attacks like the one that happened in Mumbai in 2008, when 164 people lost their lives.

The Reality of Selling Your Boat

If you're thinking about selling your boat this spring, you're probably interested in what's happening in the general used-boat market. A recent report by the on-line brokerage site that was published in the March issue of Soundings Trade Only gives some idea of what you can expect. Here are some major conclusions:

When It Rains, It Pours (in the pool)

The Netherlands-based Heesen launched another innovative yacht hot on the tails of Air and Satori. The 55-meter (180-foot) Quinta Essentia is the largest launch by the yard to date.

Viking 42 Open Preview

Keep your eyes peeled for my review of Viking’s new 42 Open in the upcoming May issue of PMY.

Viking 42 helm

The 42’s Palm-Beach-style helm is one of the simplest, most elegant setups I’ve seen on a boat of any size in the past few years. And simple is important, in my opinion—some vessels these days are perhaps overly complicated from the operational standpoint, a foible that Viking’s gracefully avoided with the 42.