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Dive Dive Dive

"So just climb in there, Bill," Marc Deppe of Triton Subs told me. "Yup. Yup. That's right. Operating this sub is about as intuitive as breathing."

After a second or two, there I was, seated at the helm of the Triton sub simulator in Vero Beach. With the surface of some computer-generated water dead ahead at about eye-level. And a few computer-generated fish cruising past. And then a shark. Yikes! A hammerhead!

NMEA Showcases Smart Development

I had the good fortune to attend the NMEA International Conference and Expo, where manufacturers put their best foot forward and give dealers and media a peek at what’s new.   

Hey. Where's the boat?

Two divers are saying that they came to the surface during a dive trip three miles off Key Biscayne this week and their dive boat was ... gone. They hung on to a fishing buoy for two hours until they were picked up by a passing yacht, No Compromise.

Wooden You Know It

During the Monaco Yacht Show, the principality went Dutch. Not that checks were split but rather wooden shoes began popping up all over. As if the Dutch Cinderella had run through town and lost more than one shoe.

Or as if a group of Lilliputians had sailed to show to check out some yachts.

New Wider Yacht

When Tilli Antonelli stepped before the gathered reporters during the Wider breakfast press conference during the Monaco Yacht Show, the lights dimmed and the projector lit up. And Antonelli introduced ...

A 33-foot Wider boat.

The crowd clapped, but it seemed a bit obligatory. It was 8:30 a.m., and yes the 42-foot Wider was a success—but to go smaller? It seemed a bit odd.

But Antonelli kept clicking through slides to introduce where that 33-footer would be kept: the 150-foot Wider megayacht.

Hey You! Yeah, YOU!

The U.S. Coast Guard announced this week that its 2011 National Recreation Boating Survey is underway, and the agency wants the input of boat owners like you. A survey questionnaire is being sent by mail to "select" owners of U.S.-registered recreational powerboats, and the agency's contractor, ICF Macro, is also calling members of the general public, asking them to participate. No details were available on how the agency is selecting participants.