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Two New Hatteras Battlewagons Debut in Miami

New Bern, North Carolina's Hatteras Yachts will debut two new convertibles in its GT Series next week, the 54 and 63. These two sportfishermen are adding to a line that was started with the highly successful GT60, which launched about three years ago. Here's a sneak peak at the 63 you'll see on the docks next week at the Miami International Boat Show. Enjoy.


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Megayachts in Pop Culture

The Super Bowl's crowd favorite commercial seems to be the VW Darth Vader commercial. An adorable commercial no doubt, but not the one that got me to sit up and go, "Did you see that?! That was A!" (What can I say? I like my job.)

At this point, I had been strangely quiet as I was at a Steelers-centric party as my good friend suggested it would be wise of me to keep my Packers cheering to a minimum.

Con Job

PMY has the largest circulation of any powerboat magazine. Every month about 148,000 anglers, weekend cruisers, bluewater voyagers, megayacht owners, and sundry boat nuts peruse our pages.

More than 90 percent own a powerboat, some two or three. Presumably the rest are temporarily boatless but important to us nonetheless.

A Bright Spot in Winter


It's hard to even remember what sunshine and warm water feels like when it looks like this outside your window: