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Now What The Heck Is That!


Just recently,  I had the good fortune to be cruising along the Amalfi Coast with my wife in an altogether lovely Maestro 82 motoryacht. The day was a beaut, of course. The weather tends to be warm this time of year in Italy, or at least along her shores. But it's seldom what you'd call hot, at least by North Florida standards.

Electronics to the Rescue

I mark my time as editor of PMY with a number of technological milestones. One was when we got our first fax machine. (Until then we relied on the U.S. Mail and something called a telex, whose mysteries I could never fathom.)

When the bell on our machine sounded, the staff would all gather ‘round to watch a fuzzy, streaky document spool out. We were as enraptured as relatives of the deceased at a séance. Actually reading the thing was another matter.

Luna Eclipse

A dramatic reenactment.*

The Venice art biennale is in full swing right now. Since 1895, the festival has brought together artists of every discipline well as those who can afford to purchase their art.

A Prosthetic tail saves the life of a dolphin

Since leaving home for college, visiting the local aquarium in Clearwater, Florida hadn’t made my priority list. That is, however, until someone told me about a resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphin at the aquarium who would be the star of an upcoming motion picture.

Cakewalk for Sale

The 281-foot Cakewalk, which debuted at No. 38 on last year's Top 100, is now for sale through Burgess and Merle Wood.