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Feadship Mystery

Prior to FLIBS last week, I was reading a summary of the new Steve Jobs biography in the New York Times, when I came across an interesting little nugget among the general backstory of Jobs's life:

Sealine Sold

In September the Oxford Investment Group announced that it had acquired UK-based boatbuilder Sealine from Brunswick Corporation for an undisclosed sum. Maintaining offices in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and San Diego, California, as well as in Paris, Shanghai, and Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, the Oxford Investment Group is described as a private investment and corporate development group that acquires majority equity positions on behalf of its principals in various business segments, including manufacturing. “We have been looking to enter the leisure marine sector for some years, and it was important for us to find the right business,” explained Selwyn Isakow, chairman of Oxford Investment Group, in a press release. “Sealine has produced some world-beating boats in the last five years, and their success with a rejuvenated brand in a difficult market is a fantastic story.” Sealine launched its newest model, the C48, at the 2011 Southampton Boat Show in September. For more information on Sealine’s range of models, go to click here.

Like Geese in Winter

Megayachts are like migratory birds. For the summer, they head north to Cape Cod, Maine, and other northern destinations. And then as winter creeps in, the yachts begin to head south.

This year, some late-departing geese—I mean, yachts ended up roosting—sorry! docking at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. So this morning, I headed downtown.

There was Nobiskrug's nearly 195-foot Jamaica Bay, No. 40 on our November list. Check out her rounded stern:

Starry nights and sunny days

The number of yachts it is possible to see during the Monaco Yacht Show is staggering. And without the aid of well-kept notes, sometimes boats start to blend together. So it's the bits that stand out that stick in your memory.

How Do You Say "D'oh!'' in Mandarin

Listen, I have no idea what these people are saying, or why they built a boat that doesn't float, or why this video went viral referring to this thing a "yacht" (looks like a ferry to me). But I do know that when you roll a $2.6 million dollar vessel right off the blocks and straight to the bottom of some nasty-looking river in China, there really is only one thing to say: In the immortal words of the great Homer Simpson ... D'oh!

Show Boating

By Jason Y. Wood