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Jetpack, NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!


It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog. As of today, August 24th, 2011, my dreams of flying through the air with a water-powered jetpack strapped to my back have been derailed. Jetlev apparently wasn't ready for me. I'd guess they're making some tweaks after that Jetpack fail video at the San Diego Boat Show went viral. Not a good look for them at all. 

Early Bird gets the Slip

Antibes is a megayacht haven and a hub of the crew industry. Close to Monaco and St Tropez, the city attracts a lot of megayacht traffic.

Not surprisingly, the city's limited dock space is very competitive. And sometimes that competition makes more news than others.

Paddle Power

Making the crossing between Florida and the Bahamas is not much of an accomplishment any more, especially in the summer. That's when the wind blows pretty steadily out of the south, a situation that fails to rile the Gulf Stream even a little bit. So during this time of year all manner of craft large and small—sometimes very small—make the roughly 50-mile trip without so much as a spilled Kalik. Of course, for a powerboat, it's especially easy. For a sailboat, not so much. But how about for a human-powered boat? A paddleboat?

Battle of the F45s

It's a question as old as "Would you like fries with that?" It's the eternal struggle between New and Used.

For instance, there's the brand-new! just-launched! Feadship F45, Helix.

The fifth in the series and the first with a nautical interior, she sleeps 10 in 5 cabins. She'll make her debut at this year's Monaco Yacht Show after sea trials.

Call Your Broker

By Jason Y. Wood

Joel LIpton
As world financial markets wallow in volatility, boat owners may again find themselves questioning their long-term plans for their boat. Start the search for the next boat? List the current boat and test the waters? The temptation to put the next move on hold until markets stabilize is a strong one.

Jetpack Me, One Time!

It looks like it's really gonna happen you guys. A few weeks ago I blogged about that dude's epic, live-TV fail using the Jetlev R200 water-powered Jetpack and I asked PMY's readers to come through and get me one.

And just two short weeks later ... none of my readers have yet to respond.

The new face of the tender.

The buzz word at this year's Monaco Yacht Show seems to be tender. As preparations are well underway for the show, Hodgdon Yachts announced it will be presenting their limo tender.

This tender was chosen for the American-owned Seven Seas.

Hinckley Fleet Breezes into Nantucket

The heat of late July had settled into every crevice and shadow in the urban canyons of Manhattan. Just when I thought it was too late to escape, the invitation came through the mail slot on a salt-tinged zephyr: “Join us on Nantucket.” I had been saved by the kind folks at Hinckley, who hosted a rendezvous for their owners at Nantucket Boat Basin.

The end of an era

...Or just a summer internship. Either way, I feel as if I've been at PMY longer than 2 months, and I've learned a great deal in my time here.