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Something Swedish

The all carbon fiber Delta 88 truly impresses in a sweet Swedish setting

Delta 88

Trending at Carver/Marquis

A brainstorming session at a Carver Marquis dealer meeting provides a glimpse into what today’s buyers demand.

Must-Sea Movie

One of the most daring Coast Guard rescues took place on February 18, 1952 when a 504-foot tanker was ripped in two by a hurricane off Massachussetts.

Striper 270 CC

A short ride on Striper’s newest offering makes a big impression.

Striper 270 CC

Bouncing atop the water at 38 knots aboard Striper’s new 270 CC, I look up from my notepad and ask the captain, “is this wide open?” He looks back at me and matter-of-factly says, “nope.” As if dared, he slams the throttles forward, giving a swift kick to the 400 horses (twin 200 hp Yamaha outboards) strapped to the back. The boat jerks forward and finds a top speed of 51.2 knots.

A Curmudgeon’s Cynical Look at Digital Boating


Call me out of touch, call me old school, call me whatever you want, I don’t care. I have reached the age where what people say or think of me does not matter. I know I’m old school. I like boats made from trees. I like dirt roads and I like cars and trucks that look like a Ford or Chevy, with manual crank windows and side window vents. Hell, even this old country bumpkin can parallel park on a city street without a camera, computer, automatic transmission, or power steering! Oh yeah, and I like road maps.

A Picture’s Worth

Denis Butierries holding his six-year-old son

Every year the Coast Guard hosts a photo competition; and from shots of helicopters soaring across stormy skies to high-speed patrol boats chasing a sunset, the entries are stunning. This year’s top prize was awarded to the simple shot above. It shows Denis Butierries holding his six-year-old son aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Rush, the boat that his grandfather had served aboard. Jacob suffers spinal muscular atrophy. Doctors have given him a year to live. His longtime wish was to go aboard Rush, which he calls “papa’s battleship.”