Help for Powerball Winners


So imagine, if you will, that you won the Powerball to the tune of “billions and billions” (to be read in the voice of the late, great Carl Sagan). Who are you going to call to figure out how to spend it? The New York Post listed some resources to help you part with great stacks of cash including, you guessed it, our favorite boating magazine, Power & Motoryacht. See how we stack up against some other newsstand contenders below.

And ... Action!

John Brownlee

Our sister publication, Anglers Journal has earned widespread acclaim for the way it addresses the question, “Why do we fish?” From the dimly lit living rooms of past angling legends to the hole-in-the-wall bars with characters like Jim Harrison, Anglers Journal chases one-of-a-kind profiles and destination pieces. 

The brand is taking an exciting step forward with the June 26, 2016 premiere of Anglers Journal Television on Destination America, a unique fishing show hosted by respected angling personality and editor John Brownlee. With the goal of bringing the pages of Anglers Journal to life, early industry feedback indicates this show is going to make quite the splash. For more information, stay tuned to

Broker Insight: What’s the Market for Buddy Davis Sportfishing Boats?

Buddy Davis 61

We spoke to some brokers who have Buddy Davis sportfishing boats listed on Read what they had to say about these proven sea boats and the market for buying and selling them.

Must ‘Sea’ Movie

Scene from The Boat Builder