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Ocean Reef Club’s 20th Annual Vintage Weekend

1947 Trumpy - Aurora II

New Boats Notebook - Jan-Feb 2015

Heard a rumor about a new boat you want me to dig up the dirt on?
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Eye Candy

Hey, we at Power & Motoryacht know as well as anyone else; sometimes you just want to gawk at a pretty boat in action. And there’s no better way to do that than by watching one move in super-high-definition slow motion.

Video of the Shearline 52 Sportfish that will blow you away

Get Up and Go

Hydros Innovation's HY-X prototype

MIBS 2015: Ocean Signal, ACR, C-Map, Garmin GNX, Lumitec and Veethree

Written by Ben Ellison on Feb 17, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

It's often hard to organize the news from a busy event like the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS), but this year a few of my photos stood out because they also portray the people behind the electronics.

What's the Brokerage Market for Tollycrafts?

We spoke to three brokers who had listings for Tollycrafts online.
We spoke to three brokers who had listings for Tollycrafts online. Here’s what they had to say about these proven sea boats and the people active in the market for them.

Cuba, Rum, a New Boat, and a Scrappy Editor

Happy 30th Power & Motoryacht! In order to properly launch our gathering of the clan, I think it’s appropriate to deliver my best wishes with a few memories of my own.