Captain Commando

No, this is not a story about some action hero on a covert mission in foreign waters involving spies, special forces, and stealthy vessels. However, if you peruse Webster’s definition of “covert,” well, that part may ring true for this tale. This is a brief story about Hanes, yep, those tighty-whities. Sorry! I realize readers by now are going, “Really, again, Capt. Creel?” 

By Capt. Steve Creel |

Petroleum Predictions

gas pump

The federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts the average price of gas to be $2.33 a gallon in 2015, climbing to $2.72 in 2016. This is down from the 2014 average of $3.36. The EIA also estimates that “the typical U.S. household will save $750 this year because of reduced gasoline prices and another $750 because of lower heating oil and propane costs.” 

Fuel is a necessity, there’s no arguing that. But if you’ve noticed that lately it’s a little bit less expensive than it used to be, then you’re on the right track. Read more here...

By Daniel Harding |

I Come in Peace

The incident was as predictable as a sunrise. I idled through the shallow Cayo Costa anchorage—a sliver of paradise off Florida’s west coast—looking for a spot to set the hook for the night. Slowly the “crows” rustled from their sailboat cockpits, stirred by the noise of the intruder. They appeared pissed off. 

By George Sass Jr. |

Seakeeper and Sea Ray: The Math of Gyroscopic Stabilization


I’ve always been fascinated by the technology in Seakeeper gyro stabilizers. Stabilization in general is part of boating and always has been, since the first shipwrights figured out how to make their boats more stable (using hull design) and therefore more pleasant to be on and safer in all conditions.

By Jason Y. Wood |
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