What’s the Brokerage Market for the Hatteras 6300 RPH?


Hatteras 6300 RPH

We spoke to three brokers who each had Hatteras motoryachts listed on Here’s what they each had to say about a proven cruiser that was ahead of her time in comfort and performance. Here’s what they had to say.

Forgive Me

About a decade ago, while running another boating magazine with a business partner, I took stock of my boating adventures and developed a list of some silly mistakes I’d made along the way.

Reflecting on the Arawak Adventure

Spending 6 days with your colleagues. The thought probably sends a shiver down the spine of most people.

A cruise aboard our Grand Banks 42 project boat to test electronics, gear, and the ability of our editorial team to live together for a week. And what a test it was.

Busted Running Gear and the Legend of Tommy McCoy

Tommy McCoy and Jason Y. Wood


And just like that, our leisurely 8-knot cruise from Naples to Lake Okeechobee was on a different tack. It was clear we hadn’t hit bottom but a shuddering starboard propeller made it clear that we definitely hit something. Deputy Editor Jason Wood and Capt. McCoy dove into the dirty brown water to assess the situation.

The Great Gear Test

dew on rail of Arawak

“It’s wrapped!” shouted Digital Editor John Turner while leaning over the transom.

“It’ wrapped!” shouted Digital Editor John Turner while leaning over the transom...