A Fight for What’s Right

Ever have one of those days where you really just want to read a feel-good story? Well, I was having one recently and I happened to hear about an organization called Freedom Fighter Outdoors, a nonprofit that has taken on the noble cause of helping raise awareness and aid for injured service veterans. Like the Coast Guard Foundation, Sailors for the Sea, and other philanthropic outfits in the marine world, FFO is doing some terrific work for a great cause.

By Larry Burke |

My Sailboat Dalliance

Not having a boat can drive some people a little crazy. Here’s what it did to me.

Boatlessness does strange things to a boater’s psyche. At least that’s my experience. And to further explicate the phenomenon, please allow me to describe the bizarre state of mind I fell into during the long, glum, boatless period that stretched between the sale of my Grand Banks trawler a year or so ago and the recent purchase of my new (to me, that is) Cape Dory 28 Flybridge Cruiser. 

By Capt. Bill Pike |