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Boatyard Rhythms

Leaving the idyllic village of Stonington, Maine, in our rearview mirror, driving down West Main Street past Allen Cove, my wife, Lindsay, spotted Billings Diesel and Marine beyond the driver’s side window.

Stomping Out Ocean Pollution with New Shoes

Hearing someone say, “Those sneakers are garbage,” could be pretty insulting; that is unless you’re wearing a pair of Adidas Xs; in which case it would be pretty accurate. 

Adidas Xs

Tossing Darts

There are only a couple of things that I am more proud of than helping first-time boat owners meet their cruising goals and suceed with their endeavors—my two daughters.

Friendly Advice

There are all kinds of sage recommendations about when and how you should make decisions. You’ll find some of this advice on the kind of motivational posters that are framed on office walls across America.