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Aluminum Foam

Creating lighter, faster, and more fuel-efficient vehicles is not a challenge that’s unique to boatbuilding and sometimes technological advances from other industries find their way into ours. One such technology is a new lightweight aluminum “foam” being developed by German engineers to be used in a high-speed train. 

Aluminum Foam

Finding My Confidence (Again)

George Sass Jr.It’s confession time. Please don’t hold what I’m about to share against me. You see, I recently had a docking situation, which, well, let’s just say produced a sizable dose of heartburn. I don’t want to sound like an absolute windbag, but I began docking big boats before I was old enough to drive a car.

By George Sass Jr. |

Open Invitation

It appears I’ve become too used to empty marinas and anchorages. My reservation routine is a simple matter of calling the dock master once I have their facility in sight, requesting a slip for the night, and then getting direction to its location. That’s about as much forward planning as I’ve been willing to conduct.